Wednesday, April 20, 2011

American Government 4/19/11

In Class - Finish immigration presentations.

Homework - Update your blog. 


alexander123 said...

Today I watched the news and went on the Internet about the immigration problems in the U.S. and there are many different views about what to do on the issue and my opinion veries on what we should do many people said we should just lock down the border and be done with it but others are saying to let them in because after all this is America land of the free not land of the electric fences protecting our borders. I think that we should give the eligales a chance on becoming a citizen by serving in our armed forces for no less then four years proving that they really want to be a citizen in or country or even enroll in collage courses or learn a trade to benefit there self or our society. So why not give others the same opportunity as we are given to better our selves. We as Americans take our rights and freedoms for granit slot of the time and don't realize what we really have. I have family across the border and I am thankfull for every day I am given in the united states of America and to be a citizen my family in Mexico can't wait to get there papers to come over here and get the opportunity at a new life as citizens so they can be seen as equals through our eyes. So as we go day by day enjoying the many pleasures of being born a citizen let's take some time and wonder about those people who risk there lives day after day trying to get the same rights as you and me.

alexander123 said...

RANDOM RANT: government corruption............................... I can no longer stand for the corruption in the government wich is no normally spoken of how can we as a people sit back at home as our government continues to place knives in our backs. How can we even let go the small things that we thought were no big deal become our nightmares and the answers are simple we our blinded by there lies they use us as there pons like in chest just waiting till some one makes a wrong move just to stab us yet again thaws politicians say they want to help us and they know what needs to be changed but all that seems to happen is they come to a solution some one disagrees with it because they know there pocket money is about to be dipped in how would they know what we need if they never been broke they drive around in there fancy cars and have multiple houses as we suffer as a nation just wondering if were going to wake up with a job the next day or even a roof over there heads trying to make ends meat just to provide for there families and war do they do not a damn thing but of course you will see them on the five o'clock news swearing up and down were going to fix it were going to fix it what they need to do is stop arguing amongst eachother and work together and actualy help the people of our great nation because were obviously still in massive debt that we won't be able to pay back any time soon so why don't they just get off there rich asses and do there damn job for once we have enough problems to worry about sutch as immigration, health care, education system, war in Iraq, war in afganistan, war on terrorist, our government going bankrupt do I really need to name any more because I would just be stating the obvious and all they want to do is argue with eachother they need to just shut the fuck up and get shit done or were all going to be screwed. So until next time this is an Alexander random rant