Monday, March 28, 2011

Spring Break EC QOW

Click on the title link to view President Obama's address concerning Libya.  After watching the speech or viewing the transcript, summarize his main points with specific details.  After summarizing his main points, write your thoughts on whether you agree or disagree with his decision to use military force in Libya.  This is due by Saturday, April 2 by 11:59 pm.  Quality work is expected and could earn you up to 50 extra credit points.


plntmars1916 said...

Some of Obama's main points are:
1. That he wants to take down all Al Qaeda forces across the globe
2. That he is for the safety of all people, and Americans because there were Americans killed by Libian Agents
3. He Froze Qaddafi's assets and has asked him that he needs to step down.
Basically with everything that is going on in Libya Obama's points are to protect the safety of all people in The United States and in Libya. Because it seems to me that Qaddafi is almost like another Hitler and that is not a good thing at all.
Personally i think that Obama is just looking out for our country and other countries as well.
I would have to agree with President Obama because he did give Qaddafi a chance to step down without any violence and he chose to escalate the violence and terror on Libya and its people.
If i was Obama I would probably be doing the same thing because if you are trying to stop something that is wrong or whatever and you give someone that option to peacefully stop and step down and they do not i would take big military action and take all of them down......

lshsfinest0 said...

Obama makes it clear in his speech what are the main points, this includes: Secure civilians, prevent a massacre, stop an advancing a army, and establish a no fly zone. Some of these thing have already been taken care of. But all these thing include military enforcement, is it the best suggestion.... obviously not. But there comes a time where certain people need to be disciplined in a physical manner. The U.N. and the U.S. have already offered a peace offering with Qaddafi, the guy terns it down, so now its time to use "the big stick. " Just think of it as preventing the problem before it get worse, The U.N. should not allow the bad egg to hatch. This proposal it not only good for the people of libya but also the is looking out for us.

K.Pacheco_10 said...

Muammar Gaddafi was given a chance to step down and refused. Then his brutal actions towards his people escalated, intervention was inevitable. Obama ,in my opinion, did the right decision to intervene with the situation because, America was founded by a group of people that stood up to their oppressors and demanded change.

Unfortunately change, at times, can be messy and the wanting of freedom comes at a cost as high as laying one's life down for the sake of their peoples future. I see that in Libya and so does the rest of the world, and if one is to say that America believes in freedom and the salvation of tyranny, then why not help our fellow neighbors in Libya. The Libyan citizens are being hunted down like dogs and being slaughtered and they have no means to defend themselves, all for the wanting of freedom.

America is doing the right decision as so are many other countries. Although the United Staes has taken criticism from 5 other countries including China, we stand for the people that want to do away with their government and put in a new government one that is run by the people, for the people, and no one else.

-Kevin Pacheco
1st Period

Danny Alvarez said...

obama has many several plans to keep the world in order. Some of his main points are...
1. Stopping Al Queda from growing all over the world.
2. Take down Qaddafi
3. Protect the libyian people from being massacred by there own governmenmt.
4. Work with international parnters.
5.Stop the army from advancing.
6. Establish a no fly zone with allias and partners.
7. Plans to rebuild libya
i think that obama is doing a good by helping other countries that need protection and help. I believe that the United States of America is like a police to the world. It is important that we take down qaddafi from power. The Libyian people has called for our help and we need to be there to help them. I think that we should stand up for what is right and take down this man.

danny alvarez
period 1

152-pounder said...

First off Obama would like to thank all soldiers for their hard work.WE do not like using military force but when our interest and values are at stake we have an obligation to intrude.Libya was being ruled by a dispicable tyrant for over 40 years. He has killed Americans and his own people.Kadafi started to attack his people so we withdrew our own. Obama got an arms ban which makes it clear Kadafi cannot kill people.Kadafi was told to step down but instead he incresed his attacks.Kadafi declared he would show no mercy.Obama teamed with allies and authorized military action to stop the killings. We cut off most of their support and gained a no fly zone in libya along with an arms bann. WE did not act alone in these actions and were added by multiple countries.
I feel it was right for us to intervine. I mean if we dont stop killings in libya,who will?It was neccesary to defend those innocent people in Libya who were not at fault but their evil dictator was.If we did not intervine the situation would have got way worse and our allies would have been attacked also,so we took action at the right time.

Bryan Hales
Period 1

nader said...

1. A thankful message with honor to the American troops who are sacrificing their lives in order to provide the freedom and the complete comfort for all people around the world.
2. The United States of America’s role in protecting all people around the world from any disgrace, offering the help needed at all times as for fulfilling people’s hope for bringing freedoms, as for ensuring a peaceful life.
3. Qaddafi’s assaults and the cruelty with his treatment for his people, in which he became the main target of his own people and most nations.
4. The international role, known as the NATO, which includes a lot of countries around the world who are working hard on ensuring the help needed that would meet all people’s expectations.
I agree with the use of military force in Libya because it is for the sake of saving lives and ensuring the security that all Libyans are looking forward to posses with this movement. Just like in Iraq, the American military forces sacrificed their lives in order to end the cruelty that people experienced from their leader. It would be really helpful and would bring hope for all Libyans for starting a new life with more freedoms to enjoy and less power to control or limit their human rights. The use of force is usually not a good option or method to use, but Qaddafi’s insistence on mistreating his people and humiliating them for not accepting him anymore as their leader, just gave the allies including the Unites States of America no other choice but to interfere through a resolution from the United Nations.