Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Don't Give Up, Don't Ever Give Up - Jim Valvano

One of the greatest inspirational speeches of all time.  Apply these ideas to your daily life, and I guarantee you will have a quality day.


jimmy said...
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jimmy said...

I have seen Jimmy V's name on msn.com, and I find interest in, not only his name being the same as mine, but his ideals. Jimmy reminds me a little bit of who I am. His outlook on life matches that of my own. Granted I do not have cancer, but I am going through a life changing experience. Being an adult now, I have to find who I am. Personally, I do believe one must reflect on life, and what ones purpose is in life. To laugh is to live, and I always try to stay optimistic, even in my darkest times. However, It’s also essential to believe in a balance in all these things. Without finding your center, everything will become chaotic. With chaos, one cannot control life, and all its mysterious ways. This is how Jimmy’s words have helped me find who I am. They say our generation is a very influential one. To this I say yes, but is that necessarily a bad thing?