Saturday, February 12, 2011

American Government 2/11/11

In Class - Class discussion over the Islamic Cultural Center in NYC.  You must participate in order to receive your points.  Turn in K-W-L Chart, 4-Square Chart, and Group Analysis.

Homework - SOTU project due by 11:59 tonight, posted on your blog.  Discussion Reflection is due by Wednesday, February 16 by 11:59 pm posted on your blog.

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ERICKR24 said...

My thoughts on last week discussion is that everyone who participated came with some good opinions and made me see others people’s points of views. I liked how everyone did their own research and came to class prepared and once it was over, I was already thinking about our new class discussion and how even more people are going step up their game. I think Maria had a lot to do with my change of mind because in the start of the discussion I was in the middle, I wasn’t sure what side to choose but towards the end I put myself in the shoes of those who lost someone on 9/11 and never recovered their loved one’s body, so they see ground zero as a burial ground.
To those who say they have the right to freedom of religion I agree with 100% but I think it shouldn’t be so close to ground zero. I think this man Imam Feisal should just find a different location because everyone known’s in the Islamic traditions mosque were built to show victory so many people would see that as a slap in the face. This mosque is just going be a problem so I disagree on it being built.

joana said...

I liked the discussion we had, even though our class seemed a bit quieter including me. I just was hearing others point of view. I was in the middle, but when I started to hear our class discussion I came to my decision, which is I do agree for the masque to be build. I heard a lot of the concerns my class mates had, that it’s a slap in the face, and everything is going to be worse, also, that it would be like a victory to the Islamic etc. But personally I think it isn’t a "slap in the face", nor a "victory", because if it wore, wouldn’t they just decide to just open a mosque just for the Muslims? But the mosque serves as a place where Muslims can come together for salat (prayer) and as well as a center for information, education, and dispute settlement. So it’s open for anyone, and it has different things in it for others. Now let’s remember as well that we shouldn’t punish the rest for what 1 or 2 did. A lot of students also said that why near ground zero, but in fact I burly found out when we had a class discussion that a mosque is already built nearer to ground zero than the one they want to build. Now why don't they talk about that one? And I came to the conclusion that it’s because they build it before 9/11 and plus no really knows about it. So now why should we not let this masque be build if we already let one be build and nothing happen? It’s just the fact that this masque is trying to be establish after 9/11. Some students also said that they should wait for more time to pass and I thought to myself ok how much more time would they want if several years already had passed since 9/11. Also, no one knew about the mosque till the media started revealing it. If the media hadn’t said anything we wouldn’t even be having this discussion, so let’s give thanks to the media for allowing us to have this discussion and making us go insane over this. So, I think to myself how everyone says that there is going to be lots of violence etc, but one can’t predict what really is going to happen till it’s built. And if “violence” is what supposable is going to happen then it shouldn’t be something new in our state, because violence is everywhere. Students also said that people would probably beat up the people that go to the masque, and I think its buzzard how we don’t want others to hurt us, but yet we could hurt them, for their wanting to open a place for their believes, and it’s not all their believes, because they are trying to include others by including different things in the mosque for anyone to come in and use the masque. So who’s the bad one those who oppose of it and might show anger that they might even “beat them up” or those who are trying to open a place for their believes without trying to disrespect, because if they wore they wouldn’t include other subjects in the mosque for everyone to be involved in the mosque, in which they are including different subjects for anyone to use the mosque and are welcoming any one to the mosque.