Wednesday, January 12, 2011


I keep telling you guys that blogging is a liberating experience.  Some thoughts of mine that I wanted to share with you. 

The information highway holds your audience.  Your audience is a mystery in some instances.  You have no idea who will read your words.  You do not know how many will read your words and thoughts.  You haven't the slightest notion of what some people may think of your thoughts and ideas.  Do they agree?  Disagree?  Don't care?  In essence, none of this matters.  The only thing that matters is that you are writing the thoughts and ideas for an audience of one: yourself. 

I just completed watching the speech President Obama just gave at the University of Arizona.  I must say, there is so much agreement on this: Mr. Obama delivered a message that all Americans can be proud of.  He pays respect to those people that lost their lives this past Saturday.  In times of tragedy, the good is hardly ever talked about.  But, in times of tragedy, we are all united.  We sometimes hurt, mourn, pray, and question the very reasons behind senseless acts of violence.  However, none of this will change the past.  We can only live in the moment to pave a better future.

I'll be honest; I miss my wife.  I enjoy the "me" time, but I can't sleep or get up in the morning without her.  It's funny.  When you have been in a long relationship with a person, you tend to forget about the little things, those little moments you share together that really are yours.  I can't wait for her to get home.

I miss my dog.  Whenever my wife would travel, I knew I had my second best friend waiting for me when I got home.  Tail wagging, so excited to see you, taking her on short little walks around the neighborhood in order to get into something that she found interesting.  She was my second alarm clock in the morning, but when my wife traveled, she always found herself sleeping in the bed.

President Obama's words gave me hope and inspiration.  His words made me feel a little better about life and how precious it truly is.  Although sorrow and sadness may take time to heal, we have to realize the countless good deeds taking place daily throughout our country and world that only reaffirms faith in humanity.  We all have the capability to learn, reflect, grow, inspire, motivate, question, think, act, listen, contemplate, and communicate.  However, in order for our future to be like "jumping in rain puddles in heaven," we must first take care of one another and "make sure we are talking with each other in a way that heals, not a way that wounds" (Obama, 2011).

Thanks for reading.  Carpe Diem!!!


*Sparkles* said...

When you really think about what happened this past weekend, you really get to start thinking about life. We honestly have no idea when we are going to breathe our last breath. This is why I am so strong in my faith, because no one knows when it will be their time to "get it right."

Jamie Tyson

Danny_Showtime_Bennett said...

Wow it's just the thought of love. That's a word that is thrown around more than baseballs to second base. This world has not shown enough love. I have to say I do believe it truely "sucks" that the only way for us to show that is in mourning. Why is it, that humans cannot show affection to other humans without a tragedy. People need this universal idea of love they really do! I have this strong self belief that people will be so much happier if they share positivity. If people can see from others perspectives for just one minute instead of bickering about their own. I believe a lot more would get down. As it relates to the government. If I could say two words to them, they would be, "SHUT UP!!!" I feel that the government is like children. When little five year olds disagree they are only concerned about what they think and will continue fighting and fighting! I wish they could see the stupidity of their actions. They are so juvenile. I don't believe that the two parties will ever just agree on something! But one day they will see! Because I believe as the next generation. We will show the world how it was supposed to be done!
- Danny "Showtime" Bennett, Climb MY Tree, I call it LOVE

Nick_Sakurai said...

Wow. I also agree too. I just recently talked to my brother who currently lives about two streets down from that safeway where the political massacre had occured. He told me that he was actually gonna attend but could not because he was to take care of his daughter. When he told me that it made me think: "if he had really went who knows if he would came back alive. That killer has no remorse for what he has committed. I can hardly fathom the idea of taking a human life. i personally believe that a majority of mankind do not understand what it means to "live." If you just live your life day by day in a rut filled with monotony yeah your living and not dying but what benefit are providing for the world? Those who don't do nothing for the world except kill and smuggle drugs and do anything to hurt hardworking honest people, are nothing more then more mouths to feed on earth. And should be weeded out and removed. If you haven't noticed by now, I am really disappointed in humanity. I believe that if all do one. Just one positive, selfless act the nation, nay the world would be a much better place. For basically anyone I assume. But who knows if this possible. I guess since forever i believed the idea of a utopian society would sweep te nation and pocess us all. In short i guess i still have faith in humanity but its gonna be a while before they fully have it.