Friday, January 21, 2011

American Government 1/21/11

In Class - Discuss and assign WHIPS. 

YOU WILL POST THESE ON YOUR PERSONAL BLOG.  Closer to your presentation day, within a maximum of one week from assigned date, select an article, post the URL on your blog along with an MLA citation.  Be sure you post the URL!!!  Include a short summary of the article (6-8 solid sentences).  You will access your blog in class, and present your article to the class (short 3-4 minutes).  I will probably ask you some questions during your presentation, so be prepared. 

These cannot be made up if absent unless you notify me via email or blog prior to your absence.  I realize life happens, but it is your responsibility to contact me if you will be absent.  Failing to notify me prior to your absence and missing the day of your presentation will result in a zero.  If you are having problems, please see me early!!!

Homework - QOW #2 response due by 11:59 pm tonight.  Analyze website (see Got Health Care post) for Monday (class discussion over health care next Friday.  Update your blog.

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Izrowe said...

i wasnt here today because i went to an RCC field trip
can i know when im assigned to my WHIP or will you tell me monday?