Tuesday, January 11, 2011

American Government 1/10/11

In Class - Discuss recent political/governmental issues.  Mini class discussion.  Group Work: get into groups to discuss the political cartoons (2).  Answer the questions for each political cartoon.  Turn in before you leave.

Homework - Start blogging.

QOW - Include an MLA works cited at the end of your post, be sure to proofread your work before submitting, and I want to see quality arguments in your response.  See the syllabus for QOW rubric.

On Saturday, a horrific event occurred that left six people dead, an Arizona Congresswoman fighting for her life, and has developed into a political assassination.  Currently, Repbulicans and Democrats are using this tragedy to perhaps point fingers and assign blame.  Do you think that the inflammatory political rhetoric between Republicans and Democrats on issues such as immigration, health care, and the economy should be toned down?  Use specific evidence to support your claims.


JuanMontes said...

No I don’t think those issues should be toned down because those issues are important to the future of the United States of America and maybe even the future of America. I know the Arizona shooting was a tragedy but there are more important issues like immigrant. This issue has been going on for years now and every time they say they are going to do something about it they just keep postponing it or they end up vetoing it. For example the Dream Act which allowed illegal immigrant students to become US residents if they graduated from high school and when to a college for 4 years or if they did 2 years in the military. This bill could have helped out LOTS of immigrants make a future for themselves. Also the economy is slow crumbing and if this issues doesn’t get fix soon we are all going to be in every big trouble. I mean we when through this kind of tragedy before with September 11 and we eventually got over it. It was hard but things didn’t stop just because we got attacked by terrorist more issues started arising. We should just stop pointing figures at each other and step up to the plate. Start doing thing that will help our nation and help the people that live in it too.

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*Sparkles* said...

I am a little torn on what I think about the heated rhetoric between Republicans and Democrats and if it should be toned down or not. Always pointing fingers and trying to talk over another person, usually doesn’t result in a solved conflict. Tragedy is often the temporary cure for inflammatory political rhetoric. I believe Thomas Benson said it best talking about the recent Arizona shooting, he says, “An event like this really ought to make us rethink the way we speak to each other every day about politics and policy in the country, especially in the Congress.” This quote begins with “An event like this,” proving that it takes a tragic event for people to realize they need to learn how to be more civilized with each other. I think it is true that Republicans and Democrats need to not be constantly blaming each other for political issues because it won’t move us anywhere. I don’t think heated rhetoric between the two main political parties should be toned down because of different beliefs and values. I believe that there is a sense of morality in each and every one of us; we know what is right and wrong. If I was a politician and the opposing party was going against my values, I would stand up for my values, and I would stand up strong. Everyone has the right to stand up for themselves, according to the 1st Amendment, but there is a line that shouldn’t be crossed. We need to have self control when disputing our arguments. There is also no doubt we are going to have heated rhetoric because we are human, and that’s just the way we act when standing up for ourselves. Once again, I believe Benson says is best. "It isn't just a question of heated rhetoric. Of course, we are going to have heated rhetoric," said Benson, the Penn State professor, "but even with extreme partisanship there can be and needs to be civility." Therefore, I believe that it isn’t bad to have some heated rhetoric on major political issues, as long as it doesn’t get too out of hand, and people learn to control themselves.

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*Sparkles* said...

OOOPS, I forgot my name.
*Sparkles* = Jamie Tyson Period 1

Ryan Starke said...

I believe that the Democratic Party and Republican Party will forever continue to disagree on everything. The topics of witch they continually argue about are extremely important topics to discuss. Immigration is one of those topics and it has been an issue in the United States for many years now. Illegal immigration in California has cost millions of dollars to all of us living here. It has cost the US as a state billions to support these illegal aliens. I believe this is something that these democrats and republicans really need to fix. Also the children of these illegal aliens that are put in to the schooling system have cost schools about 7.7 million dollars a year. That is a lot of money gone. Besides this is merely one of the topics these political parties need to discuss. With this being said I strongly feel that the discussions on these issues should definitely not be toned down. I know what happened in Arizona was very tragic, and I feel great sorrow for those that were killed, but life must go on and these issues must be solved.

Robert Longley.” Illegal Immigration Costs California Over Ten Billion Annually.” about.com, The New York Times Company, December 2004.web.1-10-11

A.Rodriguez9266 said...

These parties need not only to tone it down, but to stop it all together. These parties were put into place so that people could have the choice to pick a party that most related to their ideas and beliefs. Not to imply that the other party is in the wrong and is the cause of a disaster that gave birth to a new kind of “pothead liberal” that has mental issues. These parties have gone to the extreme of playing the blame game and its sickening. “We live in a complex ecosystem of influences and motivations, and I wouldn’t blame our political rhetoric more than I would blame heavy metal music for columbine, and that’s coming from someone who truly hates the political environment, its toxic, it is unproductive, but to say that that is what has caused this; boy wouldn’t that be nice.” Blaming, arguing and in constant attack mode will not help this country to move forward, which it so desperately needs. An example of the two parties not working together would be all the bills (20) that the democrats where trying to push through before the republicans took over the house and before they went on Christmas break. They tried to push all these bills such as the DREAM act, health care, repealing don’t ask don’t tell, and the Bush era tax cuts for the wealthiest 2%. The republicans on the other hand fought back with that they wouldn’t have time because of the holidays and that they would refuse to cooperate and work with the opposing party. Childish? Who’s to say. Now that the house majority has flipped to the opposing team, I have a feeling things are going to be going the republicans way from here on out. No cooperation in sight
-Anthony Rodriguez

Bolton, Alexander. "Democrats to stuff 20 bills into post-election lame-duck session." The Hill. Web. 11 Jan. 2011

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kr10 said...

No, I don't think immigration, health care, and the economy should be toned down. First of all, immigrants are hard working people and come to the U.S. to make a better living for them and their families. Illegal immigrants purchase goods and services, plus contribute labor and taxes. Also, from the help of the Dream Act which allows immigrant students to become U.S. residents after attending four years of high school or attending the military for 2 years. Health care is an issue that should never left out. Many people die from not having this, it is more used against immigrants because, after coming from another place. They don't anyway of getting help and this world is very contagious and full virus. People like immigrants should be able to get help. Things that happen like the shooting in Arizona get forgotten. Unlike, the war with Iraq has not stopped and many have been killed. Much of the war has brought down the economy and will continue. I believe that if people work together and not wait till' something tragic happens, it will make it better for them and the people surrounding them.

Impact of illegal immigrants economically." Wikipedia, the Free Encyclopedia. January 11, 2011.

Jessica Ryen Doyle." Doctors: Giffords breathing on her own." FoxNews.com January 11, 2011

kr10 said...

Forgot name. Kevin Real.

NRoseS said...

I think that the inflammatory political rhetorical tone between the republicans and democrats should be softened. Indicting to what the motive of the suspected shooter is itself a heated rhetoric. David Gergen, a senior political analyst for CNN, said "This is not a moment to point fingers and make accusations. But it is a time to pray for the victims -- and to pledge to each other that we will struggle for a more civil and decent America". Whether or not the heated political rhetoric is to blame for this tragedy, they need to cool down. How are we to understand or even solve any of the issues when we are hearing loud arguments out of every corner? I think the political environment needs to tone down for the sake of civility. I believe that the people who represent us are able to claim their (our) views without causing such a dramatic quarrel. The representatives ingest into the issues to where they spend more time arguing that they're right then figuring out how to solve it. If they toned down the political arguments there would be progress or at least a civilized looking political environment that I can understand. People need to practice organizing their arguments in a sway fashion as to not convert all the issues into noise that's difficuly to understand and solve.

-Natalya Sierra

Keck, Kristi. "Weight of Words in Focus After Arizona Shooting." CNN Politics. Turner Broadcasting, Inc. January 11, 2011 11:45 a.m. EST. 11 January, 2011

Vvsince93' said...

Claudia(Vivi) Rivas p.4

These political issues should not be toned down for the sake of America’s future. If these issues were to be kept on the “down low,” how would our society be able to be kept stable? Without addressing of what is truly important on what’s happening in the world around us, nothing would be changed, all our mistakes would just be repeated and nothing would be solved. Politicians should act now, subside their differences, and focus on a plan to solve the issues on
immigration, health care, and the economy ,since this has been an issue for quite a while. The national debt has been increasing since September 28, 2007, it increases everyday about $4.17 billion dollars; as of today the deficit would be around 14 trillion. It is almost as impossible to pay all that money off because of how our financial system functions. If such issues like the federal debt would be toned off by politicians, our civilization would not be informed which would make us furious due to the inclination of so much debt. I understand that the government is trying to come up with solutions to cure our issues, but most of their percentage has been about arguing since each individual enacted in the government has different prospectives on certain issues. Republicans and Democrats should stop pointing fingers and take responsibility into account by keeping the U.S united as the world’s first power and not let other countries try to seize America; nethertheless, keeping we human beings pleased.

“U.S National Debt Clock”. Ed Hall. January 10 2011.

“It Is Now Mathematically Impossible To Pay Off The U.S National Debt”.author unknown. February 4, 2010

Izrowe said...

Tension between the Republicans and the Democrats need to be removed for good. Tension has gotten the house no where in the past and is sure not right now. Whenever a party has a proposal or a bill, its always going to be put down by the other party because it never benefits the other party. When the Dream Act proposal came, it never got passed because of a filabuster. Republicans didn’t see the benefit from giving illegal immigrants a social security for their studies because they see a wrong view point towards illegal immigrants mostly because of the trouble they promote. Dang, there goes mine and millions of other students oppurtunity for a further edjucation and maybe becoming the better country. Oh well maybe the Republicans are going to help us with my edjucation? Well to say the truth im never going to see that happen. Is my mom, an ILLEGAL ALIEN, ever able to get help for her artheritis pain? No because according to Republicans they see health care for every one in the U.S as a socialist move. Is my father a U.S resident going to pay more for his taxes because he makes less money while his boss is going to pay less in taxes while he recives a hell of a lot more? Most likely because Republlicans have a majority in the house now and theyre trying to renew the Bush Tax Cut and they usally try to come with a bill that states a lower tax for the wealthy and a higher one for the non wealthy. Now I’m not saying that Democrats are better than Republicans although it does sound like it because im putting my family and I as examples. But that’s not the case at all. Lets put this on your family. How much does your family make and who do they perfer the democrats or the republicans? If we closely pay attention those who make a lot of money will favor a Republican and those not as wealthy will favor a Democrat. If the two sides maybe stopped fighting and starting putting each other in the other partys shoes they could probably see why they disagree with what theyre party has to see. We will get more done if both parties stopped bickering, when both parties stop proposing things that will favor one part of society and will screw one society, and when society stops perfering a party because of their finicial situation and starts paying attention more towards what the party has to offer for this year.

< “Bush Tax Cuts. “ Wikipedia. Web. 11 January 2011. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bush_tax_cuts>

-Israel Bojorquez

Izrowe said...

forgot my last work cited

-Israel Bojorquez

TheStarBabyy said...

No, I don’t believe that these issues should be toned down. Don’t get me wrong what happened in Arizona on Saturday was a huge blow to your hearts. We will forever remember this day and we will send justice. But the issues that we keep putting to the side shouldn’t be miss looked any longer. To unite this country once again we need to take care of these issuses that every American keeps asking. Such as our national debt, every day that goes by it continues to increase. We have made it to the trillions and nothing so far has made these numbers decrease. Are we in trouble? Will we escape and try to throw it out or under the bus? One Answer. No! Once again this tragedy that happened this Saturday should be remembered and yes we should take notice of this, but we shouldn’t tone down with other more important issues. This incident has no evidence that these issues were even involved. Leaders should be stepping up and moving forward from this to make huge decisions. There will always be tragedy’s such as this the world isn’t perfect and there will always be horrible things but we have to stay strong. Instead of throwing our issues under the bus we should be joining together and not making each other enemies.

Allan Baray
Period: 1

"National Government Debt Clocks & Savings Clocks" z.Facts.com National Debt Clocks 12 Jan. 2011

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jenny said...

Jenifer Nava period 4

I absolutely feel disreguard of such political issues coming from the Republicans and Democratics becuase they feel its not really their fault to what happened to those innocent people who lost their lifes. I think these political parties must really do thier homework and toned this issue down if they really do not want to see anyone else to get hurt. They should not be arguing among each other or be pointing any fingers to anybody. After the remarks that Jan Brewer said "Such despicable acts of emotional terrorism will not be tolerated in the State of Arizona," Brewer said in a statement announcing she had signed the bill. "This legislation will assure that the victims of Saturday's tragic shooting in Tucson will be laid to rest in peace with the full dignity and respect that they deserve." Maybe he actually has an idea of making this a safer and much better enviroment for this Nation. For example, I just do not agree with the fact that maybe later on in the future the Republicans and Democartic parties might forget this tragedy and continue with much more importants debates. I have realize that this kinds of situations happened every single day but we might just not know it. Eventually the parties could realize that the immagrants are not such threats to anybody. They just live their life like everyone elses' with out bothering anybody. As a result, my main point is this issue will not end unless Republicans and Democratics parties has full demand on it's own country for goodness sake. Let no one take over our advantages.

Arizona enacts funeral protest legislationBy the CNN Wire Staff
January 11, 2011

Tucson, Arizona (CNN) -- Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer

MiinaRobledo said...

No, I dont think this issue should be toned down. Immigration has been an issue to the government for a while now, but all they have been doing is talking not walking. The Arizona shooting was a major tragedy, but hopefully this will open the eyes of democrats and republicans...their feud will forever go on they might just stop and take a moment of silence for the tragedies but then get right back into their feud.No one should point fingers, or play the blame game...instead of that they should be doing something about it. they should focus on other things, more of an issue or a threat to the U.S. than immigrants...believe it or not, they do A LOT of good to our communities, and should not be deprived from doing so. they should take a step back to think of how to solve an issue instead of bickering.

-Karina Rivas

NBC, msnbc.com and news services
updated 1/11/2011 1:06:36 AM ET

Juan Gamez said...

News are always a huge deal around the US and around the world. When the news tends to be a poltical news, Its only fitting that political parties like Republicans and Democrats are involved in these events. Whether the event is an immigration event or economic event, both parties tend to dispute the issue by putting blame on the other party. They are constantly argueing on a daily basis and in the end it doesnt seem to get anything accompllished, rather it just stirs more ratings via the media. It is important to display political issue over any course of media, so that people are aware of what transpires, but these parties tend to take advantage of the media and take cheap shots at the other party and point the finger at them for any event that occurs. This past saturday a tragic event occured in Tucson arizona, where a male opened fire at many people, leaving many wounded and a few deaths. Congress woman Gabrielle Gifford was also shot in this event. This horrific event caused worldwide attention and believe it or not both polictial parties stopped argueing and disputing and actually were saddened by these events. An event like this sadly postpones argueing, but its only a matter of time before both parties begin to argue once more and possibly blame the other for an event like this. Republicans and Democrats are constanly in a media war and always the attraction of controversy, and they show no signs of stopping.

Associated Press "Senate Passes Crackdown on illegal immigrants" Kypost. Associated Press, 7 January 2011.Web. 12 January 2011

Syqlizard said...

No, issues such as health care should not be toned down. The media is the thing that should be toned down. The shooting is indeed a tragic event, but the Republicans and Democrats are most likely having a "cease-fire" bewteen their debate of health care, immigration and the such. The media is making the event unnecessarily long to begin with and with everyone pointing fingers especially those whom point toward the shooter, Loughner, as being "mentally ill". The man is a trouble person who is not disciplined well. Loughner had "scrapes with the police" for being drunk back in 2004. In 2007, he was cited and realeased along with the driver of a van for drug paraphernalia As for the immigration, it has been discussed constantly to begin with. The shooting must have been his own intention of seeking attention, with Rep. Giffords as a politcal figure to attack which could fuel the event to being tragic. Back to the Democrats and Republicans, they are not going to stop debating over it after an event such as the shooting. They will see it as an unfortunate event, and continue with their lives however long it takes to catch up. Once they set foot back on immigration, they'll continue with the health care as well since they planned on repealing.

-Erik Ramirez

Gaynor, Tim. "Arizona Shooting Suspect Had Scrapes with Police - U.S. News - Msnbc.com." Breaking News, Weather, Business, Health, Entertainment, Sports, Politics, Travel, Science, Technology, Local, US & World News - Msnbc.com. 12 Jan. 2011. Web. 12 Jan. 2011.

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hifivetheresa said...
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theresa.jones said...
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theresa.jones said...

I do feel that the political rhetoric between the Democrats and Republicans should be toned down a bit. I feel that in order to actually stop all the problems going on in America, we should actually act on them, instead of blaming everybody else. In reality, its turning everybody against one another. It’s like a Democrat and a Republican can’t have a political argument without it turning into bickering and yelling. How is anyone supposed to make out what is going on? Like Jon Stewart said at the Rally to Restore Sanity and/ or Fear, “If we amplify everything, we hear nothing.” This is absolutely true. Nothing is getting resolved by yelling at one another. If all we do is bicker and fight and blame each other, how are we ever going to get anything resolved? Maybe if the Democrats and Republicans stopped arguing for a little while, and actually, I don’t know, worked together to solve some of the many issues going on in America, the country would be a lot better off. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that all of the heated political rhetoric caused the shootings at Arizona to happen. “ Just hours after Rep. Gabrielle Giffords, an Arizona Democrat, was shot in the head by a crazed gunman, Pima County Sheriff Clarence W. Dupnik — addressing the media for the first time — made headlines for saying that “vitriolic political rhetoric” heard on the radio and TV caused Jared Loughner to go on a bloody killing spree that left six dead and 14 wounded.” I disagree with this comment one hundred percent because, in my opinion, I think it is absurd to blame someone killing six people and wounding many others on heated arguments. It seems that a lot of the political rhetoric being fanned throughout the media is, instead of blaming each other on the shootings, blaming political rhetoric on it. I guess they ran out of people to blame so they decided to blame the blame game. “We live in a complex ecosystem of influences and motivations, and I wouldn’t blame our political rhetoric more than I would blame heavy metal music for Columbine, and that’s coming from someone who truly hates the political environment, its toxic, it is unproductive, but to say that that is what has caused this; boy wouldn’t that be nice.” Like I said, I do think that political rhetoric should be toned down, but I definitely do not think it is the cause of the shootings in Arizona.

-Theresa Jones

Stewart, Jon. "Arizona Shootings Reaction." 11 Jan. 2011. ComedyCentral.com.

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andreavillarinho said...

Yes, I believe that the political rhetoric should be toned down. As horrible as the recent Arizona shootings were, it showed us that our government officials are actually able to get a lot done when they aren’t constantly arguing. Our political parties have many differences but when they are working towards the same goal, like making sure that Fred Phelps is not able to interrupt nine year old Christina Green’s funeral, it shows us that they can work together and get things accomplished quickly and efficiently. When our officials are able to put their differences aside, they can actually get things done. Instead of having one party using their majority for their own advantage, they could try using their power for all of our advantage. After all, the reason why those people hold their positions is because we elect them. I believe that things are able to get done a lot easier when people are able to set aside their differences and focus.

"Arizona enacts funeral protest legislation," CNN Wire Staff.  CNN.com.  January 12, 2011.

Andrea Villarinho
Period 2

K.Pacheco_10 said...
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K.Pacheco_10 said...

I believe that an “event”, such as the Arizona shooting, is a wake up call to all of us. What have we, as a society, become? If not moving forward with a brighter future, we seem to be moving backwards with a dark future. Humanity as a whole is going down the toilet and all though that might seem harsh it is true. People seem to becoming worse because we as a society want violence, we want to see blood shed, we are are monsters at heart. Go to a sports a game and you can hear the soccer moms yelling “kill him, kill him!,” and the kids bring blood for all to see. Does this not remind you of Ancient Rome and the Gladiators that where held as idols to all people? And are we so different? People kill people and we wonder why, why the blood? Why the murder of innocents? Have you no heart? You made them like this America what do you expect. Violence and the want for bloodshed is nothing new, it is the way it is blamed and formed to become something that it is not, is what’s new.

Pt. 1

K.Pacheco_10 said...

Pt. 2

Usually the people that go through with these violent acts are those that have become oppressed by the “idol” of society. For example the “jocks” at school, seem to have control over everything that goes on, they see them-selves as more valuable than the average person because the media seems to hold them in a higher platter than those of intellectual knowledge. A football player makes millions of dollars and we see that as good. A person with higher knowledge seeks out a way to prevent certain diseases using stem cells and all of a sudden they are the devil. I don’t get it. Is the athletically enabled person better than those that aren’t because they can’t bring violence and bloodshed? In my opinion the most famous and most violent and probably most influential sport thus far is UFC. It is the fastest growing sport in history and it is because, it is the most violent sport out there. Face the facts violence is here to stay, we need to learn to deal with it or it will consume us all.

K.Pacheco_10 said...

Pt 3

Social networking such as twitter and Facebook are a way to spread information in a massive way to corrupt the minds of individuals. Cyber bullying, harassment, stalking, these are all brought by the influences that they, the “perpetrator,” are not good enough in this life. The media sends out messages to kids such as beauty commercials, that if you don’t look a certain way you can’t get that girl or boy because the status quo sets requirements of how you should look, instead of how you should be as an individual. This puts not only the kids down, but tells that looks and athletic ability are more important than knowledge, and we wonder why America is getting dumber.

K.Pacheco_10 said...

The media had everything to do with the shooting of Arizona but they had help, and who are these individuals that helped? Who is to blame? Simply look into a mirror, for with out us the media is nothing, they are the parasite and we are the host, without a host the parasite is nothing. If you want change in the world and want things like the Arizona shooting to never occur again, then change yourself and the way you think, we are the fuel to the fire, stop throwing it to the raging flames and use your fuel for something good that can change the world in stead of destroying it.

-Kevin Pacheco

Marilyn Manson Speech about Violence and Blame Pt. 1
Marilyn Manson Speech about Violence and Blame Pt. 2

BJ said...

The facts that democratic and republican are not in the same point of view when it comes to law making. Immigration is one of the topics and it has been a reason why democrats and republicans never agreed to each other. Illegal immigration continues to be a controversial and divisive topic, not only in the United States, but throughout the world. Some undocumented immigrants entered the country illegally and others entered legally but overstayed the number of days permitted on their visa or violated the terms of their permanent resident card or refugee permit. Republicans and Democrats need to team up and try to find out what will be best for both of them and for the citizens of this country. I know and I was really sad to what happened in Tucson, Arizona and I really feel bad to those people that were killed, but life must go on and this issue must be solved.

Unknown “Illegal Immigration.”, 12 Jan. 2011 www.usimmigrationsupport.org

Danny_Showtime_Bennett said...

The truth is that I don't think they should tone down the topics. The issues are just causing issues! That is the true problem, the government dealing with "issues" sparks more conflict and "issues" between the two parties. Mr.Palo made a good note today in class. "You don't hear enough good, you just here the bad." I have seriously thought about this strongly about this quote throughout today. And have formulated mine own quotation. "You don't recognize enough good, but memorized the bad." The government should not be arguing so much that they can't hear the voice of the good. What about decisions congress have made together? What about the things we've accomplished in america? You can't recall to many can you? Because the truth is we don't pay attention to it. In fact we are searching for the bad things to happen, because we are so blind to the good things. We need to get congress and our other elected officials to silence there back and forth political rhetoric and start toning down the tension. Because right now our tension toner is on high! lower the tension toner!
Danny "Showtime" Bennett

Danny_Showtime_Bennett said...

"Toning down political rhetoric should start with health care reform." January 11th, 2011 7:02 am ET
By:Sheila Guilloton

http://www.examiner.com/health-care-in-national/toning-down-political-rhetoric-should-start-with-health-care-reform (here is the link)

kay said...

I believe that the heated rhetoric between Republicans and Democrats should not be toned down. Both political parties are always going to disagree they have different points of views and different opinions on certain topics. The shooting in Arizona was a tragic heart breaking event that makes you wonder what drives people to do such horrible things but we can’t set aside all of our problems. Issues such as health care immigration and the economy are important to the future of the United States of America. As Steve Israel, chairman of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, said the event was "both a personal tragedy and a tragic reminder that we cannot remain silent”. Illegal immigration continues to be a controversial and divisive topic, not only in the United States, but throughout the world. The United States spends about $113 billion a year on illegal immigrants and about $7.7 billion a year to school the children of illegal aliens who now constitute 15 percent of the student body. Another $1.4 billion of the taxpayers' money goes toward providing health care to illegal aliens and their families. there are many people in the united states that believe we should do everything we can in order to stop illegal immigration while there are still others that believe that it benefits the united states of America. The supporters of illegal immigration state that a 2008 study that found illegal immigration was actually a boom to the American economy. It estimated that illegal immigrants add $245 billion in Gross Domestic Product to the economy and account for 2.8 million jobs. Immigration is a very controversial topic in the United States therefore the rhetoric between the democratic and republicans should not be toned down. This issue has been ongoing for years I believe the debates from both political parties is needed to maintain order and to benefit the people that is represented by both of the political groups. Both parties have their countries best interest in mind they are disputing about important topics that can affect America as a whole.
-Keila Zamarripa period2

Ed Barnes. Study finds Illegal Immigration Costs U.S. $113 Billion a Year. Fox News.com. Published July 06, 2010.web.january 13 2011.

kay said...
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kay said...
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MjH(: said...

Yes, In my opinion I believe that the inflammatory political rhetoric between Republicans and Democrats should definitely tone it down when speaking upon important issues such as immigration, health care, and the economy. These are delicate issues which concern the average American. When I say "tone down" I don't mean ignore, these issues should be acknowledge in a civilized manner. At First, I wasn't sure what inflammatory political rhetoric meant. Well the text 'inflammatory' means tending to arouse anger. Politicians are educated and are very well aware of what they say, so in my opinion they should chose their words wisely and appropriately and still get their point across. Obviously Both Party's will always have disagreement's, but like Palo's golden rules states: Agree to Disagree (everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but must respect others). All in all i do believe the inflammatory rhetoric should be toned down, their objective shouldn't be to insult, disdain, mimic, or anger anyone or the situation. It should be to resolve or address these key issues.
-Mj Hernandez

Jones, Jeffrey M. "Most Doubt Political Rhetoric a Major Factor in Ariz. Shootings." Gallup. 12 Jan. 2011. Web. 13 Jan. 2011. .

alex.fino said...

The political rhetoric between Republicans and Democrats shouldn't be toned down. It is human nature to blame others, so that we are not the one to get into trouble. If the political rhetoric were toned down for ideas such as immigration, the economy, or even the health care, improvement wouldn't occur. When two sides argue, new ideas and opinions are formed. When these ideas and opinions are formed, solutions begin to arise. Contrarily, if there were no arguments, there would be no solutions. Although it may take a tragedy to bring together two opposing sides, gradually it will turn back into whose fault it was. A major topic is about immigration. Some believe it is more negative than positive and some believe it is more positive than negative. This is an example of two opposing sides. As the two sides argue, they will draw compromises and solutions. Immigrants should have the same rights as any American, if they are willing to put the effort in doing so. Democrats and Republicans should keep their voiced aloud, so that the people can also partake in the arguments provided by both sides. This will eventually lead to solutions.

-Alex Fino

Falco, Chris. "Democrats Vs Republicans: Can't We Just Get Along?" Associated Content from Yahoo! - Associatedcontent.com. Web. 13 Jan. 2011. .

"Politics - Get Along with Republicans or Democrats When You Aren't One." Cleveland Seniors | Seniors & Baby Boomers in Cleveland. Web. 13 Jan. 2011. .

Arevik Martirosyan said...
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Arevik Martirosyan said...

After the tragedy of the Arizona shootings this weekend, I think it is definitely time to tone down the political rhetoric on immigration, healthcare, the economy, etc. When tragedy strikes, it seems that people automatically need to find someone to blame because we want to make ourselves feel better. However, now is not the time to politicize and point fingers. Instead, I think people should take into account of what happened with the Arizona shootings this weekend and be cautious of the words in which they choose to argue because it might push unstable people over the edge. According to Pima County Sheriff Clarence Dupnik, "The anger, the hatred, the bigotry that goes on in this country is getting to be outrageous. And unfortunately, Arizona I think has become sort of the capital. We have become the mecca for prejudice and bigotry." I'm not suggesting to ignore important topics such as healthcare and immigration which ultimately need to be solved, but I am saying that it is time America cleaned up their act and get back to respectful debate. In the words of Gary Baumgarten, "There's an art to disagreeing without being disagreeable. There's no art to the shouting that may have led to Saturday's tragedy. None at all."

- Arevik Martirosyan
Period 2

Baumgarten, Gary. Web. 13 Jan. 2011. .

Web. 13 Jan. 2011. .

MarkieMark said...

No, I do not believe that these important issues should be toned down because they are all vital topics critical to the future. I really believe this tragic event only happened because of one man's insane idea. I do not agree that horrific acts of violence should scare us or our government into playing the blame game or even using this event as a pedestal to point fingers at the other political party. Whether we like it or not, the hot topics of immigration, healthcare, and the state of the economy will always be brought up and debated. "...attitudes suggest Americans may be laying responsibility for the shooting squarely on the alleged killer, perhaps due to his reported psychological problems, rather than on larger societal factors." This means that the political talk had nothing to do with the killer's plan. He's just an extremist with a gun. But even though right now is not the best time to really analyze the political discourse in our country, I feel pointing fingers and blaming others is not right either.

"Most Doubt Political Rhetoric a Major Factor in Ariz. Shootings." Gallup.Com - Daily News, Polls, Public Opinion on Government, Politics, Economics, Management. Ed. Jeffrey M. Jones. Copyright © 2011 Gallup, Inc. All Rights Reserved., 12 Jan. 2011. Web. 13 Jan. 2011. .

-Mark Arnold
Period 4

Tommy To said...

The tragedy event that occurred at the Arizona caused a chain reaction to both political parties. It made both Republicans and Democrats to put aside their differences for once and focus on controversial issues such as immigration and healthcare. Although, what had happened at Arizona was a misfortune, the death of six people, major wound to congresswoman (Gabrielle Giffords) & the death of nine year old (Christina T. Green). Believe it or not, there was good that came out of this chaos. It made both parties realize that in order to accomplish and find solutions, they need to learn how to cope with each other. That’s exactly what is happening right now after this horrific event. I believe they should not tone down their political discussions. Issues such as immigration cannot be ignored anymore. These aliens are coming over and working for lower prices which are also spending our tax money on programs to help these immigrants. U.S. spends $3.6 billion on border patrol efforts. Money is put to waste and we need solutions, not arguing. Both parties need to be proficient with their time and collaborate on these huge issues such as medical care and immigration. This event has made them realize that and hopefully they will continue to do well. No, reason was given for this premeditated murder besides the fact that he had mental problem. But although it seems that humanity has vanished, there is a dim light of hope of people making differences. I read an article about medical care, and how this organization called, (RAM) served in Inglewood giving free medical care to locals. "They take the time to talk to you. “They don't just rush you through. You feel important," said Adrianne Bazile. Actions like these should be brought more to the media to bring hope that humanity does exist instead of focusing on the tragedy.

-Tommy To per. 4

"Immigration Reform - Live Free or Die Alliance." Live Free or Die Alliance - New Hampshire's Virtual Town Hall. Web. 13 Jan. 2011.

RAM LA | Remote Area Medical Los Angeles. Web. 14 Jan. 2011.

gabriela said...

I have to say no, those issues shouldnt be toned down, but at the same time, those issues may have been a reason why something like this happened. The republicans and Democrates are so wrapped up in trying to have their point acroos, making sure that they are the ones ruling.These parties seem to be selfish.I know both parties will always dissagree, and that is the issue. They're so wrapped in what their parties has always said... and "we say this" or "we believe in this" but do we have a say in anything? Our goververment is there to SERVE AND PROTECT. And honestly were do they sevre? where is the protecting?. I strongly believe they can do better in listening to our voices, listening to what we have to say. What we want, what we feel can be better for us. I'm not blaming the Republican or Democrates for the shooting in arizona, but Jared Loughner had a motive, he may say, or may not say. And if his motive had something to do with him not agreeing with the goverment, then that was his way of shooting out.Yes it sounds crazy, but crazy as it seems,it got the worlds attention, and i think its really sad how it takes a horrible tragedy like this for the goverment to realize how it really is.`So my advice to them is, instead of always bickering, maybe they should put their heads together and work as a team to help make the the U.S a better nation.

"how do you make sense out of these types of senseless situations"
-john stewart
"you cannot out smart crazy..crazy always seems to find a way"
-john stewart

Stewart, Jon. "Arizona Shootings Reaction" 10 Jan. 2011. Online video clip. Comedy Central 11 Jan. 2011

Arizona shooting pundits are wrong: Heated political speech isn’t the problem – it’s the solution.. The Christian Science Monitor

by gabriela vasquez 4th period.

friend said...

Inflammatory political rhetoric between politicians should most definitely be toned down. Issues such as health care, immigration and the economy can't be resolved because our political leaders are making "low blows" at each other. Instead of caring about making another politician look bad, they should care about what's best for the United States. We hear about politicians making crude comments more than we hear about what's being passed in legislation. If this continues, our country isn't going to get anywhere. Some of our politician's went to the best universities in the country, it's sad to see that they still act like they're in high school. Republicans and Democrats need to sit with each other as adults and talk about important issues. Yes, the Arizona shooting is an important issue, but no one is to blame but the shooter. Educated insults to each other isn't going to change what happened in Arizona. Overall, Political leaders should trespass their personal opinions about each other and work on getting our country back to where it's suppose to be.

-Kierra Shelby

Gaddis, Austin. "Tragedy Should Be Catalyst for More Political Discourse | The Crimson White." The Crimson White | The Official Student Newspaper of The University of Alabama. Web. 14 Jan. 2011

Holmes24 said...

No i really dont think all of this talk should be toned down. I certainly think the pointing of the fingers and all the talk about the tradgedy should be. There are bigger issues, people around the world are dying everyday so get over it. In the mid-term election in november of 2010, around sixty seats in congress went to the republicans and now they hold the majority. That was a huge change for the republicans and it shows that people werent happy with the direction America was headed. Changes need to be made and thats one good step in the right direction. What is really important is that the economy turns around. We all need to come together as one, like Obama said in his speech. We need to all be able to heal eachother from this horrific tradgedy. Now, peope need to stop pointing fingers and go over issues in a more conservative and responsible way. A healthy debate on these kinds of issues are extremely important to our country. We need to be able to get what we want, not what these politicians want. Politicians need to work for us, thats why we voted them in. When i Graduate, i hope to be able to get a job and buy a home to raise a family to fufill a dream everyone hopes for. Lets come together and get this right.

Senik, Troy. " Hope and change has become predictable liberalism" Real Clear Politics. Hot Dang,21 August 2009. Web.24 March 2000

ZacFlores said...
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ZacFlores said...

After the shooting in Tuscon, I think political issues should definitely be toned down, but history shows that this probably isn’t likely to happen. There is a proposal that Democrats and republicans should sit with each other instead of being separated during the State of the Union Address. When has anything stopped or even lessoned government bickering? The 9/11 attacks put a halt to arguments going on in the government, but it didn’t last long. I think that our government may try to keep arguing to a minimum, but after a while they won’t be able to stand it and they will start arguing again, slowing down important issues of America.
In my opinion, Democrats and Republicans should keep arguing to a minimum. I think debates are great, because they show both sides views, and often many sides of a topic. But where is the line between a debate and arguing? I think when things take as long as they do in government, arguing needs to be lessoned so that things can actually get done.

Schwietzer, Callie. "Obama's Tucson Speech Strikes A Chord With Republicans And Democrats" Neon Tommy. Web. 12 January 2011

Cecily said...

I think that the political rhetoric between Republicans and Democrats on issues such as immigration, health care, and the economy should not be toned down, because those issues are important. People should keep talking about these issues until they finally come up with a solution that most people will agree on to fix these problems before more horrible events happen, such as the shooting that took place this past Saturday in Tucson, Arizona. I think that instead of trying to find someone to blame horrible events that happens on someone, they should be focusing on trying to fix the problems that led for events such as these shootings to happen to prevent future violent acts from happening again. I really think that the Republicans and Democrats should be more open- minded and try to see through one another’s view points so they can make compromises on these issues. They argue to much to get anything done and there constant bickering is just making things worse and preventing any issues from being solved. Even is they don’t come up with a perfect solution for immigration and health care they should come up with some kind of solution to at least stop these issues from getting worse. Republicans and Democrats should really be working together instead of fighting each other to help the economy get better. -Cecily Lorica
Stewart,Jon. “Arizona Shootings Reaction.” 13 January 2011. Foxnews.com.

bdelfino3 said...

I’m glad I waited for our president to speak before answering this question because in a sense he opened up a door for all of us to take a step back, be silent and reflect for a moment on what we should make of this tragic event. I can sense a change in the atmosphere, right after the shooting last Saturday. I believe it within our nature to freak out and loose a bit of our sense when our surroundings are unexpectedly collapsing with evil, all we want to do is find solutions… or something that can make us feel safe and back into balance. It is also common that the first place we as the people look for answers is our government; they are suppose to represent all of us, speak our concerns and tie us together as one country. A good question to consider, is our government mirroring who we are as a country, vomiting in public our greatest flaws? OR is our government failing to represent who we are? An interesting connection I made is between the shows on TV and the political rhetoric between Republicans and Democrats. You tell me, is there a difference between the fighting in Jersey shore and the battles between political parties? Yeah sure in politics we see man in suits and ties speaking properly with long elaborated words… but don’t they look just like those people on reality shows, screaming and pulling each other’s hair? I see a bigger problem here…to simply answer the question, yes I think political rhetoric should be toned down. But why don’t we stop focusing on just this one problem and look at the bigger picture, there is something really wrong with us, if we enjoy watching so much violence. In my opinion a solution to this problem is not wait and hope for arguments to settle down, wait and hope that someone would come to their senses and be open to conversation. If this government is failing to be a good imagine is because we are allowing it to be that way. It is as if such violence is a natural state of being, and I’m really sorry if that’s what we have come to believe. Giving time and attention to watch the violence that the media sales is just like saying “this is ok” it is acceptable. I believe that the troubles in our government is no different, and the day we as the people demand a balance, they will have no other choice but to listen… because they can only have as much power as we permit them to. One of Barack Obama’s last statements on the Tucson memorial speech was, “We should do everything we can for this country to live up to our children’s expectations (Obama, 2011).” I felt a change in the atmosphere for that brief moment because everyone sat down stood quite and was open to listen.
Obama, Barack. "Tuscon Memorial." Speech. 2011 Tucson Memorial. Tucson, Arizona. Youtube. Web. 13 Jan. 2011. .

Brenda Delfino

Denise said...

I myself say they should tone it down a bit on such things as immigration, economy and health care. I think that the media has control over most of what goes on around us. If something isn’t showed on the news it is mostly not considered important enough for the people to be watching. Usually the people watch more of the bad going on around us instead of paying attention to everything that goes on around us. For instance the shooting in Arizona there was an elderly couple there and the husband risked and gave his life for the life of his wife. “Witnesses told CNN that Stoddard, a retired construction worker, tried to shield his wife during the incident. They said he was shot in the head and fell onto his wife, Mavy. She was shot three times in her legs but is expected to make a full recovery.” This goes to show you that not all that goes on in this world is bad. The people now a day just see all the bad in the world because that is the main things that the media shows. Also the politicians used the media and all these incidents as an excuse to blame each and one another. Not one politician will keep the blame to them self’s and say they caused any bad. There will always be finger pointing in these discussions and it will stay like that.

“Victims of Shooting in Arizona” CNN Justice. Turner Broadcasting System Inc. January 11, 2011.

Denise Angulo Period 1

Pablo LSDub said...

My personal opinion is that I think everything should be toned down, but I do not think that the Republicans and the Democrats have the discipline to do that because there is always something to argue about and point fingers. With the assassination happening, I believe that they truly care about what happened, but once this is all over it will just go back to normal and they will start bickering at eachother. Do I believe that they should tone things down a bit? Yes I do, But I do not think that anything will be toned down just yet. There are a lot of problems we need to solve so there will be a lot more fighting and more fingers to point. This tragedy in Arizona will not stop them from bickering at eachother, they will move on with their lives sadly and not do anything about it.

Jon, Stewart. "Arizona Shootings Reaction." 11 Jan. 2011. ComedyCentral.com.

Jarel said...

The inflammatory political rhetoric on the important issues such as immigration, healthcare, and the economy between the Democrats and the Republicans should tone down a bit, as it seems to get them nowhere at all, but these issues are something we should all be highly aware about. It seems like they’re using tragedy in Arizona as a chance to play and win the blame game to capture the eyes and ears of citizens to see and hear what they have to say and get ahead of their political agenda. Honestly, this is very silly of them, and the people look up to the government! Rather than point fingers and make thousands of vilifications on each other, the Democrats and the Republicans should resolve the important issues in a professional, civilized manner. There’s no link between the Arizona tragedy and the trashy political talk anyway. What good will come out of slandering and defaming? Nothing! While we all may wish for the Democrats and the Republicans to works things out cooperatively and peacefully, that will, unfortunately, not always happen. There will always be disagreements between them, and while I think it’s great that they debate, it shouldn’t come to a point where it has reached a level of vilification. It is through disagreements that we make compromises, and there should always be room for it. According to Tim Pawlenty, the governor of Minnesota, we need to “be calm and thoughtful about when and how you disburse information, and make sure it’s accurate. Make sure it’s measured so that we don’t add to either the hysteria or inflammatory nature of the fallout from this event… we’ve got to do so based on good facts and good information, so we can make good decisions.” This is what the Democrats and Republicans need: good facts and good information so that they can make good decisions.

- Jarel Lim, Per. 4

Benson, Guy. "A Conversation with Gov. Tim Pawlenty." What On Earth? Web. 14 Jan. 2011. .

"Can We Tone Down the Political Rhetoric?" FrumForum. Web. 14 Jan. 2011. .

plntmars1916 said...

No I don't think that the inflammatory political rhetoric between the Democrats and Republicans should be toned down. i think this because imigration, health care, and the economy are all important issue to the United States and The World. I think that it shouldn't take a tragedy to unite everybody. Everybody should always be working together and trying to make a positive change in the world. Actually i think it's funny because all these politicians and other people rush to aid these people in the tragedies and things but they can't help other issues or people that struggle everyday or that are in bad situations everyday. They help out tragedies as fast as they can but its taking years to fix other world and U.S. issues. i don't quite understand that. Also, I think that The Republicans and Democrats shouldn't be blaming eachother because this isn't the blame game, i think that everyone should do what they need to do and move on because yes it is a tragic thing but there are other things that also need to get done. I think that if your someone high in politics regardless if your a Democrat or a Republican that you should man up about the situation and pull together to solve the issue. In Conclusion i would like to reinstate that i don't think that they should tone it down because those issues are greater than anything else and they still don't have the right answer for it.

Greene, Bob. "Why Does It Take Tragedy to Unify Us? - CNN.com." CNN.com - Breaking News, U.S., World, Weather, Entertainment & Video News. Web. 14 Jan. 2011. .

"Arizona Shootings Reaction - The Daily Show with Jon Stewart - 01/10/11 - Video Clip | Comedy Central." The Daily Show with Jon Stewart Official Website | Current Events & Pop Culture, Comedy & Fake News. Web. 14 Jan. 2011. .

"FoxNews.com - Republicans Seek More Latino Outreach." FoxNews.com - Breaking News | Latest News | Current News. Web. 14 Jan. 2011. .

chovy50 said...

I feel that the issues should not be toned down because of the simple fact that they are important to all who reside in the united states. yes the shooting in Arizona was bad and yes their should be a short time of grievance. Time marches on and everyone has to get through this quickly. The reason for that is because of the importance of maintaining a nation. I refuse to believe that a more heated political debate drives anyone to do what that shooter did. That is merely an excuse for already misguided and mentaly unstable people.

Anthony Newman Period 1. 1-14-11
work cited-mr. palo

[T]c live Free said...

I believe that it's not worth toning down if it's still going to be a factor in the long run. The Arizona shooting was a catostrophe but we shouldn't hold the parties accountable for what a de ranged person did. The problems that we keep dodging are the problems that we need to resolve. If this evnt didn't happen what excuse would they have use not to face these problems. No matter what any one says someone will always disagree with it, but we're not going out there going on a shooting rampage. The main task that we need to work on is taking care of one situation at a time. Society is different so all our views will be differnt and thats just simple as that.So again I feel like not facing the problem wont do anythig but add more work on our agenda.

N.DeAndrade said...

Unfortunately, the democratic and republican parties are not in much favor of each other. The event in Tuscan leaves us wondering if other important issues, such as healthcare and illegal immigration, in government should be toned down. I believe that this shouldn't happen. Imagine if these issues were held back for every tragedy, 9/11 and the earthquake in Haiti, absolutely nothing would be accomplished, making these things pointless. We live in a complex ecosystem of influences and motivations, and I wouldn’t blame our political rhetoric. Illegal immigration and healthcare should be main focuses in governement because these affect everyone living in the united states. Healthcare shouldn't even be an option to "tone" down. Healthcare, and having GOOD healthcare, will save many lives and will conclude in having a healthy america. Immigrants should be able to receive this. Tragic events will be forgotten, ie. Haiti, but I don't think present events shouldn't.

Impact of illegal immigrants economically." Wikipedia, the Free Encyclopedia. January 11, 2011.

Nathifa DeAndrade p. 2

Cole Canup said...

Yes, I believe that the political rhetoric should be toned down. I think this because our political representitves shouldnt be taking hits at eachother by pointing the blame on other party members. Pointing the blame on someone will solve nothing, it only creates more chaos and that isn't what we need right now. Our political officials should be working on ways to improve the american way of life. All the finger pointing is just childish and is taking away from what really matters, and what really matters is the way our government is ran. The fact that our government is using its time to blame people, and not to help our troubled economy is troubling and makes me believe that they are just selfishly trying to make the other party look bad, so that they look better.

CNN wire staff. "Arizona enacts funeral protest legislation"cnn.com 11 January 2011. 14 January 2011

Monster said...

in my opinion the arizona shooting was really impacting for many people . it was tragict and devistating but right now i think we should be focused on the more imortant issuse. immagration for example has played a huge part in our nation and yet nothing has been doneabout it. statistics show that in 2005 there were nearly 191million internationnal migration world wide. wikipedia immagration isai lozano

Greg said...

i dont think that we should tone down thi rheteric because we as americans need to know information about the world and what goes on around us. its also important and will help america in the future to prevent tragedies like these from happening again. democrats and republicans will forever fight on their arguement on how they view everything in life. but wehave had many tragedies in our past but yet nothing has been done to fix it. so therefor it shouldnt be toned down because the loss of the six innocent people that lost their lives to some nut head is is insane. is very tragic and should not be toned down because we need to learn from this and solve the problems in our world.

gabrielle giffords expressed desire to'tone our rhetoric and partnership down' one day before shooting

ABC news michael falcone
january 10,2011
Greg Contreras

Jessica R said...

The shooting in Tucson, Arizona was a tragedy and as Obama said "What we can't do is use this tragedy as one more occasion to turn on each other". When horrific things like this happen people always seem to blame one another. Why? So that they can try to make sense of things. These people want and need an explantion and perhaps need to make themselves feel better. But it's times like these when we really need to just come together, and forget our needs and our differences. How can we blame others for one crazy guys choice? And on whether the Republicans and Democrats should stop argueing,as much as I would like for their fighting and argueing to "tone down", its not realistic. It's their job to try and get their plans and ideas through to help us[the people] with issues such as health care, our economy and even the issie of gun control. Gun control has always been an issue, and after a tragedy such as the shooting, the issue pops up again; but still no changes are made. And with the political rhetoric we need to fix on how easy it is to buy a gun. It is said that "it's easy to get one,like buying a Tv or sofa". The sooner we fix one problem the faster we get to fix another.

"After the Arizona Shooting". The Christian Science Monitor.
Monitors Editorial Board. 12 jan. 2011. www.csmonitor.com. 12 Jan. 2011

"Obama Arizona Memorial Speech". The Huffington Post.www.huffingtonpost.com.12 Jan. 2011

T-Rev said...

I believe that the Democratic and Republican parties use tragedies like the Arizona Tucson shooting to put aside their constant bickering and come together for a solution. Do I think that it needs to be toned down? No, because of just one tragedy we shouldn't be distracted from the problems us, as a nation, need to solve. Immigration is a big problem that continues to grow. Postponing issues shouldn't be the United States of America's attitude on the whole subject, we should push foward and end any kind of problem we face as a nation. These parties don't know why this supposed killer did this, and what motive he had. And until we figure it out we will continue to blame those who had no part. As so Sarah Palin, of the Tea Party legislative. With her aggressive acts toward Mrs. Gifford's and the rest of her party, she's on the chopping board for something she can't explain herself. "It isn't just a question of heated rhetoric. Of course, we are going to have heated rhetoric," said Benson, the Penn State professor. These accusations need to stop because there getting out of hand. Illegal immigration in California has cost millions of dollars to all of us living here. It has cost the US as a state billions to support these illegal aliens. I believe this is something that these democrats and republicans really need to fix. We need to stop worrying about foreign issues and focus more on our own, as selfish as that sounds I think that would be best overall answer for the United States.

Stewart, Jon. "Arizona Shootings Reaction" 10 Jan. 2011. Online video clip. Comedy Central 11 Jan. 2011

Crowley, Cindy. “Is political rhetoric too heated?” January 10, 2011. Online Video Clip.CNN.January 11, 2011.

MEspinoza said...

With the recent tragedy of the Arizona shooting, in my opinion I believe that both the Democratic and Republican party shouldn’t need to tone it down a bit. The two parties need to focus on the issues because, yes, the Arizona shooting was a tragedy but, there will be more things that will happen, and occur just like in life. So both parties should focus their attention on the important issues at hand such as immigration, health care, and the economy crisis. "House Republican leaders signaled for the first time Thursday that they intend to get back to business, in a matter of days, after the tragic shooting in Tucson temporarily derailed plans to kick off the 112th Congress with a series of votes aimed at cutting spending and growing jobs." This quote is stating how both parties mourned for the victims in the Tucson shooting, but they agree that it is time to get back to work. By trying to help the economy by creating more jobs to help the unemployed. Also both parties want to help by decreasing our spending to help decrease our deficit. Another issue that the Republicans have is the task at hand of trying to repeal the healthcare law. So they have their plate full with just that topic alone. "We don't need to be wasting time," Rep. Phil Gingrey, R-Ga., told Fox News. "We can walk and chew gum at the same time." As illustrated by the quote, the Republicans and Democrats can mourn the victims of the Tucson shooting while still being able to do what’s on their agenda. "There is widespread recognition that both sides need to choose their words more carefully when discussing these issues and reflect on the impact those words have," the aide told FoxNews.com. "The health care debate will be the first real test of whether or not this will be the case." This shows how all eyes will be on the Republicans and the Democrats, as to see how civil they will be and not be accusing each other, or blaming one another for things that have occurred. To be honest, I don’t think that either party will ever agree on anything, but there might be a slight change in a way of how they speak to one another. Both parties may say they will make a change, but actions speak louder than words.
- Melissa Espinoza

"House Republicans Tee Up Health Care Debate After Pausing for Tucson Victims" FoxNews.co 14 January 2011

Kassie A. said...

When I heard about the shooting in Tucson I was devastated on a personally level I have many family members currently living in Tucson sadly some of which I have not heard from in a long time. The minute I hear about it I called them. I was so busy in my own life that I haven’t called my uncle in almost two years. This tragedy made me relies how my simple 17 year old life go so out of hand and hectic that I thought I didn’t have time for a man I once considered as my father. Now I call him almost every day like I once did. I can’t imagine what’s going on in congress with that, but whether you are a democrat or a republican we are all American and as this tragic day has shown us we lost sight of who we are. I think the political rhetoric does not need to be tuned down; this is the passion of the American people. I do how even, think we as a nation need to take I step back and look at how ‘busy’ we are and just stop to call our family every once in a while.

Nicole Santa Cruz, and Seema Mehta. "TUCSON SHOOTINGS; Church drops plans to picket funerals; The Westboro Baptist group will get airtime on two radio stations in exchange. " Los Angeles Times 13 Jan. 2011,Los Angeles Times, ProQuest. Web. 13 Jan. 2011.
Laura Meckler, Jonathan Weisman, and Andrew Morse. "The Arizona Shootings: Obama Calls for a More Civil Nation. " Wall Street Journal 13 Jan. 2011, Eastern edition: Wall Street Journal, ProQuest. Web. 13 Jan. 2011.

Kassie A. said...
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lshsfinest0 said...

Well I think the republicans, and Democratic parties showed not tone it down, but don't make these situations the number one priority in America. yes the Tucson shooting was a tragedy that we haven't faced since 911. But in order to handle a situation like this you have to stay calm and focused. Health care is always going to be a subject that is amplified and if we don't tone down on that it will never stop. I mean that subject has literally 1,000 pages alone. As far as immigration I think that should be up to the federal government, not the state of Arizona

Davon Bowen

danny said...

I think that the democratic party and the republican party will always disagree on everything. I dont think the issues should be turned down these are very important issues. Arizona shooting shouldnt be turned down it was a very tragic day lots of people got hurt and peole got killed. This guy who shoot all those people was a psycho or something because he ws on a mission to kill people, who knows wat this guy was mad about. Maybe he was mad about the immagrant law he must have been racist or something. The democratic party and the republican party are trying to point fingers and assign blames for the shooting. But immigration has been one of the most important thing for a while now. The government has spent millions of dollares on them. But i think people look at immigrants as bad people just because they are not from the U.S.. Most immigrants come to this country for a better life and to work so they can send money back to their families. Health care is also another important subject it also shouldnt be turned down. More people are getting older and need medical attention. Well all see wat happens more down the road.

"arizona shooting" google jan. 14 2011

kauluwehi93 said...
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kauluwehi93 said...

Immigration, Health Care & the Economy should be toned down because?? My opinion, for what! What happened in AZ has nothing to do with Immigration, Health Care nor the Economy. It was a white man(not being racist) who did the crime. Now the U.S is looking like "That's our own brother(white man) that caused a scene..we have to protect our own..hmmm, let's blame it on the immigrants..take away their Healthcare n lower our problems in the Economy. Unfortunately fingers are somewhat pointed to the immigrants just because they are illegal and have no rights in our states. But that's not true because immigrants come here to our states to WORK. Provide a better life for them and their families. The issues between Rep. & Demo. are similar while we sit here and THINK the democrat is on our side..NOT! Its man for a man in this dysfunctional country..everything is twisted!!!
A lot of tension has happened between the Demo's. and the Rep's. All because supposedly they are accusing each other for the tragedy that has happened. "I don't see how we can't talk about it," said Tim Burke, the leader of Hamilton County's Democratic Party. "We all have to reduce the level of the hateful rhetoric. It doesn't have to turn the opponents into something perceived as evil."

He said both sides are guilty of bad behavior and both should see the shooting as a warning that their words can have consequences, and that having a constitutional right to say something inflammatory doesn't mean it's the responsible thing to do. In terms of this i agree with what Burke said. It really does take a tragedy to happen in order for people to really open their eyes. This would be like the activity we did in class the other day. Right after everything will go back to normal, as if nobody had passed or nothing had happened.

Takaua Tupou, Period 1

Works Cited: Shooting stirs intense debate over intensity of political debate

kauluwehi93 said...
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Kyle Vargas said...

No, i dnt think those issues should toned down because thisis a metter of not just the fact of the people of the US but the government as well. i know that the shooting was a disapointment to everyone. But this can be a lesson to everyone. it needs to be talked about. the only downfall to this would be to the terrorist. they can ow see ourown weaknesses and usethem against us, more then lkely, they will. so isssues like this need t be talke overand talked about

Kyle Vargas said...

No, i dnt think those issues should toned down because thisis a metter of not just the fact of the people of the US but the government as well. i know that the shooting was a disapointment to everyone. But this can be a lesson to everyone. it needs to be talked about. the only downfall to this would be to the terrorist. they can ow see ourown weaknesses and usethem against us, more then lkely, they will. so isssues like this need t be talke overand talked about

Louie said...
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Louie said...

The natural behavior of humans to bicker and blame others has manifested its vulgarity once again. Just like what happened following the tragedy at Columbine, many were quick to spread political accusations, a misguided strategy following any tragic event. The victim was a politician, but this fact is not sufficient enough to attribute the criminal's motives to politics. One possible reason behind this attempted assasination could be that the Jared Loughner, the shooter, was simply delusional. Before his rampage, Loughner posted a bulliten on the social networking site, Myspace, titled "Goodbye friends." There are no reported political aspects to this bulliten, which a politically-driven shooter would have done. How else would the shooter have conveyed his message? Within twenty-four hours of the firing, Loughner snapped multiple photos of himself posing "with a Glock 9mm pistol next to his naked buttocks and dressed in a bright red g-string." With an incredibly ridiculous state of mind to do such a thing, how could this man's mental instability be denied? (I know it's a serious topic, but reading that quote made me laugh pretty hard. I don't think I would have been able to take this man seriously.) It should be reasonable to say, then, that the only politically related aspect of this event is that the victim is a politician. All issues being amplified because of this tragedy should be mitigated for now, until it can be proven that Loughner was motivated by his discord with Giffords' political stance.

-Louis Lin
Period 4

Serrano, Richard A. "Chronology Shows Jared Loughner in Hours Before Shooting Rampage." Los Angeles Times . Los Angeles Times 14 January 2011. Web. 14 January 2011.

Jessica said...

I think that they should tone down the issues. It seems that the only time something is tone downed is when there is a major issues or for example. The pictures that you showed in class of the parties fighting and how they have stopped for a matter a few seconds but they were starting at their watches the whole time. This makes me feel that they only care when something interferes for a little amount of time. The issues seem to being getting worse and both parties don’t stop. To me it seems that the only thing that will stop this is another tragedy. This tragedy along with others is just another reason the parties seem to stop fighting for the moment. Even there president said President Barack Obama described Roll as "the hardest-working judge" within the 9th Circuit in a speech Wednesday night at a public memorial at the University of Arizona. It seems to me like even he agrees that the only time the parties seem to take a step back is if there is trouble or a bigger issue at hand.

Ted Barrett "Arizona mourns judge killed in mass shooting"
January 14, 2011 3:29 p.m. EST

Jessica Walston per.1

nader said...

Both parties should just forget about their own problems and stick with their words. Giving hopes and then denying them afterwards is just not doing them good. Instead they should try to work on accomplishing people’s needs and for the country’s sake better than fighting over things that would neither lead the country nor the people to anywhere expected. People should also play a big role in using their rights in letting their voice be a part of what should be planned for this country. I think that the reactions regarding the issues such as the immigration, heath care, the economy, and others should be toned down because innocent people are just paying for it in every way. If a high tone is a method that has been doing its favor in solving problems than things would have gotten better from a long time ago, because what we realize from both sides are the blames that either side is putting on the other. In such conditions both sides should work hard under one hand united to keep things under control and represent the country in a good way. What really this country is waiting for is one voice and one word that would join all thoughts under one name as Americans. If it’s either republicans or democrats both are responsible for making good deeds out of their words. All issues should be an important matter because they all play a certain role in effecting the country , postponing them are just getting this country into more problems. As we all know one hand cannot clap on its own, so working together would be helpful and especially at this period of time since the country is just going through one of its worse times. Words are losing their value, so new methods should be applied concerning the issues of immigration, health care, and the economy. They should work hard in latching the actual cause of such problems and not try solving them temporarily. What happened in Tucson was such a sorrowful scene and should really be taken into consideration.

Arian Forrest Nevin. “The Still Unsolved Problem of the Economy”. NaturalNews.com. NaturalNew, 16 February 2009. Web. 13 January 2011

Everentity said...

As night follows day, the tragedy in Arizona on Saturday, January 8, 2011that involved the near fatal shooting of Rep. Gabrielle Giffords, unleashed a wave of narrow minded attacks. Many on the left quickly tried to use the Tucson massacre which left six dead as an opportunity to attack heated political rhetoric on those of the right.While those on the right countered there was no connection being made between conservative talk and the actions of the accused shooter, Jared Loughner, toting that the left has hardly been innocent when it came to violent political imagery. But that goes to show what political Rhetoric causes in the long run. As for my thoughts on whether or not this should be toned down or not? It would be a No. “Conservatives have been quick to repudiate – to brand as offensive and disgusting – any suggestion that the Tucson shooting was somehow inspired by the extreme anti-Obama political rhetoric of the past 2 years. In this, conservatives have the facts on their side. By all reports, the Tucson shooter was a very mentally disturbed person. Even if Jared Lee Loughner was aware that Sarah Palin’s PAC had posted a gun sight next to Congresswoman Gifford’s name, that awareness cannot be translated into a motivation. It makes no sense to talk of the “motive” of someone who is fundamentally irrational. That point should be acknowledged, accepted, and internalized. Yet as we acknowledge that extremist rhetoric did not incite this crime, it should also be acknowledged that the rhetoric has been extreme, and potentially dangerously so.” the article goes on further as to what he had wrote and he adds that this isn’t a factor that caused this but it should be reflected on as to what Political Rhetoric is doing. “This crime should summon us to a quiet collective resolution to cease this kind of talk and to cease to indulge those who engage in it.”

Azalea Armixo, Period 4

David Frum, “Can We Tone Down the Political Rhetoric?” Frum Forum. January 9th, 2011. Web. January 14th, 2011.

Everentity said...
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Everentity said...
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ERICKR24 said...

No I don’t think that they need to tone it down cause I think immigration , heath care and the economy are very important topics in our country . We should find better solutions to our problems and find a way to agree with each other. The tragedy that happened in Arizona is very sad and even though theres no one to blame because none of the parties had no power over the outcome. We should really stop and see the big picture that our arguing and fighting among one and other is sending the wrong message to all Americans. On health care I think all citizens should have the right for free health care . Americans should lead by example and show how untied we really are so by that means we should look out for one and other. On immagration I think it would never stop because so many people wanna come to America for a better life and I don’t think its right for the people in Arizona to be harrased because of there skin color and their appearance. When asked, Governor Jan Brewer how an immigrant looks like? her answer was she didn’t know but she was the one who signed the bill saying the rights to detain an idividal on suspicion of being illigal its just not right I think that’s taking a step back on prejudice in America .

What does an “Illigal immigrant” look like?
By : Jennifer Mcfaden
https://www.blogger.com, Immigration Issues Blog
April 24, 2010

ERICKR24 said...
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Grettel said...

There really is no evidence that there was any political cause for the tragedy at Arizona. The only truth is that there was a person who for reasons unknown did something that affected the whole country and impacted the world. There is no real reason to try to point fingers or to try and put blame on anyone. This event might force politicians to re-evaluate their rhetoric. This is making them realize that maybe they should tone it down, even though it seems that all they do is fight it always has to take a tragedy for us to realize that maybe our actions or words can have more of an effect then we may be aware of. "An event like this really ought to make us rethink the way we speak to each other every day about politics and policy in the country, especially in the Congress," said Thomas Benson, professor of rhetoric at Penn State University. I couldn’t agree more because even though we do have the freedom of speech, are we willing to say everything without any boundaries and cause other to pay for what is on our minds? There are also more important issues at hand but that doesn’t mean that we can just push aside what happened and pretend that it was all a bad dream.

Grettel Aguilar Period 1

Keck, Kristi. “Weight of words in focus after Arizona shooting.” CNN Politics, Turner Broadcasting System Inc. January 11, 2011. Web January 11, 2011.

jimmy said...

I don’t believe it's in the nations best interest to bring about changes, as far as toning down our political rhetoric in; Economical, Immigration, and Health Care issues. These issues have been floating in politics for some time now. By changing the way politicians handle their business, would open the doors for more change. Which is something that has been happening quite often, now with president Barrack Obama taking office. But, I’m not sure change is what we need in a time like this. If it wasn't for certain politicians to voice their opinions in a freely manner, then I fear not as many voices would be heard. Good people, with good intentions would be cut out of the picture. Granted, some tragic things have happened in the past, and in recent times in government to cause passion's to run wild. However, the actions that took place in the shooting of Gabrielle Gifford’s was not due to simply, the way politics talk. But, that of a clinically mentally unstable individual, who has no ties to political rhetoric, being the sole purpose of his shooting whatsoever. Most would agree that this is the case, and no other evidence would be able to support this otherwise. Therefore, I feel that we, as Americans, should not change politics. That's not to say, however, we shouldn't change the way we think. I like something that Donna Cassata said in an article concerning the Tuscan, Arizona shooting, "We should be able to view another person's argument, and learn not to hate them for their views." We need to become more open minded to other individual's point of view, especially when dealing with politics. Although, we would all like to live in a world where this would be possible. But, its a small stepping stone to shape politics in a way, we could all feel comfortable with.

-Jimmy Alonso

Babington, Charles . "Any pause in harsh rhetoric may be short-lived." Online posting. Any pause in harsh rhetoric may be short-lived. Boston.com. Associated Press, 13 Jan. 2011. Web. 13 Jan. 2011. .

mordeth17 said...
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mordeth17 said...

No, I don’t believe that it should be toned down. Although what happened in Arizona might be very sad, we should use this opportunity to move forward. Now that everyone is in “alert” or more active, it’s necessary that topics such as immigration, healthcare, etc. are brought up. Seeing as how nothing ever gets done without some sort of tragic event, it’s time for such topics to be talked about. Going to immigration; yes, they are “taking” our jobs, but without them, we wouldn’t have anything. I really don’t see the point in screwing over the people that keep this country afloat. The way I see it is like a bridge; what will happen when the support beams are removed, one by one? Sooner or later, it’s going to come crashing down. Same thing applies to the modern day society. When the vast majority of illegal immigrants doing all the dirty jobs, manual labor, farming, construction, or jobs no one else wants to do, stop working, what will happen then?
“In the 1950s, Congress dramatically expanded the number of temporary-worker visas through the Bracero Program. The result was a 95 percent drop in arrests at the border. If Mexican and Central American workers know they can enter the country legally to fill jobs, they will be far less likely to enter illegally.”
Rubin, Jennifer. “Now, what about immigration reform?” The Washington Post
Jose Valdovinos P1

rpena said...

In my opinion I do not believe these topics should be toned down. These topic's are what are ahead of us for a brighter and stronger future. Though it was a memorable and tragic day that Saturday that no one will ever forget, we all mourn for the loved ones lost and wounded on that day. But I do believe the United States is unique to any other nation, it has been strongly wounded but never hurt. 9/11 was a good example of how many people believed it was a moment in time that many of Americans can not get over, but helping one another America has recovered from a loss of a little over 10 years and counting. These times will only alter our challenges ahead of us, but will never stop this nation from success. I think the president and congress so far have done a good job on how they are treating this matter, by all giving their thoughts and prayers to the families who lost a loved one. But at the end of the day they have a job to do and that is making this nation as successful and secure as possible. So I do not believe these events will stop the debating because it is for our good, Health Care is a big topic in which Republicans are trying to make repeal."This week, our thoughts and prayers are with congresswoman Giffords, her family, the victims of this inexplicable tragedy and their families," said Laena Fallon, House Majority Leader Eric Cantor's spokeswoman.However, she said, Congress needed to get back to fighting for the repeal of the law. That shows that this tragic time will only postponed politics but will never suspend it. I fully agree with this article because at a point in time we have to dust ourselves off and get up, and that is what America is doing.

Kennedy, Kelley. "House GOP Sets New Date to Vote on Health Care Law Repeal - On Politics: Covering the US Congress, Governors, and the 2012 Election - USATODAY.com." Web. 14 Jan. 2011. .

-Robert Pena

152-pounder said...

I believe that inflamatory political rhetoric between Republicans and Democrats should be toned down to an extent,where they are not shouting and trying to insult one-another.They should stay on the issue at hand and try to come up with a solution in a calm civilized manner.I believe polical rhetoric cannot influence to the point of harming one-another.As for the shootings in Tuscan,Arizona,i do not believe we can sit here and blame this horrific shooting on rhetoric or political issues in this world.There are some tradgedys in this world we cannot cannot for see or control.The best thing we can do is put the unexpected behing us in preperation for the next.My opinion on these shootings is that the man is we cannot sit here and blame one another.The mans name was was Jared Lee Lougher.He is said to have an accomplace.On that tragic day 18 people were shot.I believe political rhetoric cannot influence us to hurt each other.We as individuals have choices and options,to take it as far as murder is crazy.

"police 'actively pursuing' second person in tuscon shooting,"CNN wire staff.January 19

January 10,2011-Denis Leary discusses Arizona shootings,WWW,Daily-Show.com

152-pounder said...

forgot my name
Bryan Hales Period 1

BWilcox said...

In the face of tragic events, people look around for scapegoats on which to pin the blame. The easiest, of course, are the inflammatory political commentators whose extreme “patriotic” bias leads to heated and even targeted verbal attacks.

Every story has two sides, every issue two opinions. One the one hand, I firmly believe in our first amendment right: the freedom of speech, the freedom to openly criticize our government without fear of prosecution, has long been a staple in our country’s constitution. To even attempt to begin limiting what people can say would not only be a constitutional violation, but would also serve as a gateway to censorship, and, subsequently, oppression. People do and should have the right to express their opinions as they see fit, so long as their words do not constitute slander or defamation.

However, as Thomas Benson says, we really should “rethink the way we speak to each other every day about politics and policy in the country”; just as individuals must choose their words carefully in everyday conversation so as to avoid unnecessary conflict, so should politicians and political commentators realize that their words could affect the actions of other individuals, like the allegedly insane man responsible for the shooting in Arizona. This does not make them responsible for the actions of others, however; “I wouldn’t blame our political rhetoric more than I would blame heavy metal music for Columbine”, declares Jon Stewart- a sentiment with which I would agree.

Stewart, Jon. "Arizona Shootings Reaction" 10 Jan. 2011. Online video clip. Comedy Central 11

Keck, Kristi. “Weight of words in focus after Arizona shooting.” CNN Politcs. Turner Broadcasting System Inc. January 11, 2011. Web.

-Brigitte Wilcox, P4


No i don't think those issues should toned down in any matter. These issues are important to the growth of the country. The Arizona shooting was a tragic event and we do need a moment of silence. But there is only so much we can do for those people. To have a proper burial like how open stepped up to calm the situation. Even so these other issues are important like immigration. The Dream act became a big deal to many. It give an opportunity to anyone not a citizen to gain amnesty, financial aid, and education. This helps the economy also get stable by having more jobs come. As there is more people we need more jobs. Helping the health care tax reform to change the way we will be taxed for health care. It all revolves in a circle to help us all.

"Dream Act" Federation for American Immigration reform.web. March 26, 2009

Joan Pryde, Senior Tax Editor, the Kiplinger letters.Health Care Reform: 13 Tax Changes on the Way. October 2010

Larry Summers: More jobs are coming.Sunday, January 16

margarita said...

I don’t think that the issues should be toned down at all. For a lot of people those issues are very important. We’ve been working on these issues for years now. For example the health care plan can help lots of people. People depend on it there are lots of people suffering from deadly diseases, injuries, and even to get a check up at doctors. Some people don’t really have enough money to pay to be insured it makes it hard for them. The health care plan makes it easier for people because it will be more affordable, accountable, and it gives them a good coverage. Yes the shooting in Arizona was a tragedy but I think that tragedies like these should happen. The republicans and democrats have been disagreeing for years and I don’t think they will ever stop. They argue all the time I don’t think that tragedies should be the ones to make them stop fighting. I think that instead of them fighting they should both work together as team and I think we would get better results from them and get reforms and laws done quicker.

“Healthcare Reform In Action. ” September 2010.
The White House. 13 January 2011.

Arrillaga, Pauline. “Arizona Shooting.” January 2011.
Forbes.com. 13 January 2011.
< http://www.forbes.com/feeds/ap/2011/01/09/general-us-congresswoman-shot_8246972.html?boxes=Homepagebusinessnews>

margarita said...

Forgot my name.

Margarita Perez
Period 4

Jennifer D. said...

No, I personally think that these issues should not be toned down at all because they are very critical and are important to every individual out there. The Democrats and The Republicans will keep on going after this tragedy because the health care reform, immigration issues, and the economy still need to be discussed patiently and be analyzed very carefully. The shooting that had taken place on Saturday was truly a tragedy and depressing because one hardly hears of assassinations and random shootings on political representatives that have been supporting and causing great changes to what goes on. This was an absolute mishap that has changed the lives on many, especially to those who lost someone that day but right now, we should all have our attention aimed towards the health care reform and the immigration law that were passed. Many of those who need health insurance and need to pay for medication are in big desperation because it seems to them that they won't have enough to pay for their medications, treatments, or surgeries. This issue has caused a lot of stress among Americans and between Democrats and Republicans. They should be discussing on what will help everyone and what will be the benefits received in the end after it is passed. It shouldn't be put on hold because it's too important and if it's put on hold now then no one will ever get around to it and it will reach a point to where it will be passed and no one will know what will be in it! On the other hand, the immigration law that was passed is not based on what is better for our country but on a very racial issue because it is targeting all of our immigrants that have come here to have a better life for themselves and their families. The immigrants count for most of the countries income and are the ones who mostly contribute into everything that goes on within our society. These issues need to be dealt with first because the tragedy that had occurred that Saturday morning doesn't even make the Big #10 when comparing it to others because not many would find it as important or impacting like others would.

Jennifer Duque, Period 2

“Health Care Reform”, 13 January 2011
http://www. mariettatimes.com/

JoseGrimaldo said...

Jose Grimaldo

I DO NOT CONCUR with the idea that the flamboyant lampooning against one another by the belligerent opposing parties should not be “toned down”. Sometimes you just have to fight it out. These controversial topics need resolution now, and even I believe that at least they are addressing the issues directly now, instead of implications and beating around the bush. According to that website she was a former republican then became a democrat. This conversion most likely earned her foes on both sides of the political spectrum and made her an extremely controversial figure; she could either be a unifier of the two parties, or further widen the rift. Tragically fittingly, the attempted assassination upon her was the literal manifestation of the expression which involves fecal matter hitting a fan. This leads me to my final point, I highly doubt that Republicans and Democrats can currently reconcile their differences, seeing that today our nation is the epitome of division and the “us versus them” attitude. Perhaps this political preying by the two parties will probably lead to a penultimate epiphany in which the assailants will realize that we must not be divided and prejudiced; just like letting an oil conflagration combusts itself to extinction.

dani0905 said...

No, I do not think that those issues should be toned down. I feel that issues such as immigration, health care, and the economy are very important and people need to know and have an understanding of these issues. I can see how the Arizona shooting can be important but there are more pressing matters at hand. The issue of immigration is important because there are thousands of people who cross the border illegally. Many people attain citizenship by having their child born in an American hospital; some may argue that that is acceptable but it is still very much the same. People are still crossing the border illegally and bringing their child into the world illegally. I understand that attaining citizenship can be quite difficult, but it is not fair to those who have gone though the process because they went though all the struggle and work to gain a true citizenship that has true meaning. As far as the issue of health care is concerned, well I don’t agree with it. I can understand and agree that everyone should have health care but I don’t agree with the fact that people who can even barely afford it have to help pay for those who can not afford it. The economy isn’t doing well at all. We as a people have not helped much to improve it either but I think to an extent that it is the fault of the government that we have not helped to improve things for everyone. The unemployment rate, the price of gas and other necessities is ridiculous. By 2010 the unemployment rate had grown to record levels. The unemployment rate in California is a bit above 12%, much higher than it should be. Gas prices have gone down but are still quite high. And the price for simple items now a day is far too much. The majority of people do not make enough to get certain things and to be able to hold a stable household.

"Birthright Citizenship." Issues & Controversies. Facts On File News Services, 1 Nov. 2010. Web. 15 Jan. 2011. .
"The Report of the National Commission on Fiscal Responsibility and Reform (sidebar)." Issues & Controversies. Facts On File News Services, 10 Jan. 2011. Web. 15 Jan. 2011. .
"Unemployment Insurance." Issues & Controversies. Facts On File News Services, 15 Nov. 2010. Web. 15 Jan. 2011. .

dani0905 said...

No, I do not think that those issues should be toned down. I feel that issues such as immigration, health care, and the economy are very important and people need to know and have an understanding of these issues. I can see how the Arizona shooting can be important but there are more pressing matters at hand. The issue of immigration is important because there are thousands of people who cross the border illegally. Many people attain citizenship by having their child born in an American hospital; some may argue that that is acceptable but it is still very much the same. People are still crossing the border illegally and bringing their child into the world illegally. I understand that attaining citizenship can be quite difficult, but it is not fair to those who have gone though the process because they went though all the struggle and work to gain a true citizenship that has true meaning. As far as the issue of health care is concerned, well I don’t agree with it. I can understand and agree that everyone should have health care but I don’t agree with the fact that people who can even barely afford it have to help pay for those who can not afford it. The economy isn’t doing well at all. We as a people have not helped much to improve it either but I think to an extent that it is the fault of the government that we have not helped to improve things for everyone. The unemployment rate, the price of gas and other necessities is ridiculous. By 2010 the unemployment rate had grown to record levels. The unemployment rate in California is a bit above 12%, much higher than it should be. Gas prices have gone down but are still quite high. And the price for simple items now a day is far too much. The majority of people do not make enough to get certain things and to be able to hold a stable household.

"Birthright Citizenship." Issues & Controversies. Facts On File News Services, 1 Nov. 2010. Web. 15 Jan. 2011. .
"The Report of the National Commission on Fiscal Responsibility and Reform (sidebar)." Issues & Controversies. Facts On File News Services, 10 Jan. 2011. Web. 15 Jan. 2011. .
"Unemployment Insurance." Issues & Controversies. Facts On File News Services, 15 Nov. 2010. Web. 15 Jan. 2011. .

JoseGrimaldo said...

Jose Grimaldo

heres the citation

Rowley, James. "Gabrielle Giffords, Former Republican, Became Democrat Who Defies Labels - Bloomberg." Bloomberg - Business & Financial News, Breaking News Headlines. 10 Jan. 2011. Web. 15 Jan. 2011. .

TheStarBabyy said...

"Jenifer Nava" period 4

Sorry but I really don’t agree with that. There is NO real hard evidence that this event was a cause of any political issues that were announced. Also these issues shouldn’t be toned down, cause there were always be tragedies and we cant just fold when this happens we need to keep our head high and make sure that we have leaders to get us threw this.

Allan Baray

K.Pacheco_10 said...

@Louie Lin

I agree, when the shootings at Columbine happened, fingers where pointed to anything. One of the main targets was Marilyn Manson, they said that his music drove these two kids to want to shoot the people at the school.

I've always wondered why is it when a kid does something society likes to point fingers at easy targets? Such as music, video games, peers, and TV, yet when an adult does something nobody seems to really care. If you watch the news, they are hardly talking about the guy that shot Congresswomen Gibbins they are talking about Sarah Palin. All the attention is drawn to her, as a way to move away and to show that no one really cares.

K.Pacheco_10 said...

dang forgot my name.

-Kevin Pacheco Period 1

Michael Nguyen said...

I agree with K. Pacheco, because the event that happen in Arizona is a wake up call for all of us in America. Does tragedy like this is the only way to pull ourselves together as a nation? I believe that the government is fighting within themselves rather than bother to look at stuff like this and try to fix it. If this continues, I think our country is going to face with more tragedies in the future and by than it would be too late to try and fix it. Our health care system is not that good compare to other countries. Our country needs a strong leader to step forward and control all of this mess. If not, I don't see how things are going to get better.

MiinaRobledo said...

I agree with Kevin Pacheco we are all monsters at heart even though we don't want to believe it...our ideal person are the jocks. intellectuals aren't recognized like jocks. when in fact they should be more honored than them because they are the ones bringing medicine to your home so you wont get ill, signing your paycheck so you wont go broke, creating more advanced ways to better our community as a whole. but instead we praise the jocks that break legs, arms, and cause concussions. why? because we want to see actions. the good doesn't catch our attention like the negative does. we want to hear drama, tragedies, gunshots, murders,etc... we should be wanting to hear medical insurance has gone down, less homeless people out on the streets, jobs are back to those laid off.

-Karina Rivas

Marilyn Manson Speech about Violence and Blame Pt. 1

alex.fino said...

I don't necessarily agree with Danny Bennett. The reason for rhetoric and the loud tone from opposing parties is to get points across. When people just agree and go with the flow, nothing happens. We need to be able to point out the flaws so that we can improve our arguments. The issues being pointed out need to be heard. As for not hearing enough good, that's something we need to face. If all we heard about was the good, we would never see the problems that America faces. With exceptions though, there is always stories about heroic acts from other people to help save other peoples lives and such. But the truth is, there will always be more bad being in the media than there is good. The purpose of the media is to show the real world. However, there is sometimes nonsense in the news of celebrities going to jail and such. We need political rhetoric and media to show the problems (bad) that we have in America.

"Most Americans Don’t Blame Political Rhetoric For Arizona Tragedy « Alan Colmes' Liberaland." Alan Colmes' Liberaland. Web. 20 Jan. 2011. .

alex.fino said...

-Alex Fino

Cheyanne said...

I think that the politiacl rhetoric is not to blame for the assasinations that took place in Arizona. As of now, we don't have enough information available to decide why the crzy man did what he did, other than making an educated guess that it was based on his political beliefs, as he was a registered independant. Political rhetoric is inevitable. Whenever you have two sides to a story there is going to be fighting, and there is going to be disareements. I dont think that it needs toning down, and I dont think that it takes a tragedy to notice the fighting, because it is always going to be in existance. That's just the way the cookie crumbles, and the media, in my opinion has simply chosen to spotlight the rhetoric in times of tragedy.

Cheyanne said...

I forgot to cite my blog-

"Did political rhetoric play a role in the Arizona shootings?"
Web,January 20,2011.

Azucena said...

My response is that these issues shouldn't be toned down because these are issues that haven't been able to be solved for years, and they are very important issues. Also i believe that these issues are going to affect the future.
Yes, the tragedy in tucson is important and touched many Republicans and Democrats and everyone around the world but these issues are very important to our society and need to be solved for good. If you think about it, Immigrants are people that come to the U.S. to make a better life and support their families and try to give their families the most they can to have a good life. The healthcare is also an issue that has to be solved so it can progress and make a better life to everyone who doesn't have healthcare it is a good way of putting the U.S. in track and helping it get better Healthcare is very important, because some people get charged of something they can't afford and that's how problems start. If healthcare succeeds then everyone will ahave an easier life and a healthier life their won't be much people in bad health.
The economy is an issue that has been on for years and need more attention than ever with all the force the country has given it's getting better and the congress shouldn't ignore this issue.
Democrats and Republicans have been going through the same thing for years and are tired of the same issues so maybe their tired of dealing with the same thing over and over maybe they want a break of all these issues maybe they need to do something that will get the peoples attention. Who knows but i'll i know is that these are important issues that need to have attention and not be ignored.