Thursday, December 2, 2010

American Government 12/2/10

In Class - Work on Final Project: Operation Gratitude.

Homework - As part of this project, you will have to complete daily blog posts answering the following questions: What did you do today for the betterment of the project?  And, What are you going to do to prepare for tomorrow?  Post these on your own personal blogs every night.


ShawnGintz said...

I can always edit it to say anything else but this is what i thought of

palo said...

looks good!!!

springerk032 said...

Today I just retraced the out lines and fillings of the picture that I'm gonna use for the project to make it stand out more. An what I'm gonna do tomorrow for t is that I will probably ask for some opinions on it an see if it could have any more changes. Also I will see if anyone would want to team up an maybe help turn it into a bunch of "Support our Troops" posters.