Saturday, November 27, 2010


The All-Star Tribute to the CNN Heroes can be seen on CNN, Sunday (November 28) at 5:00 pm.  Government students, post your response by Sunday evening (11:59 pm).  World History students, bring in your write-up to class on Monday and turn in at the beginning of class.

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Ana said...

When i saw these video on the heros on i was shock because if it weren't for mr. palo then i would have evered heard of these amazming people i mean thats what they are heros to us all because they stand up to what they believe is wrong and try to put a stop to it i personally like the anuradha koirala because i think what she is trying to do to stop young girls from becoming sex slaves is very amazing to hear about i mean you really dont hear about people doing that these days.I also like magnus macfarlane barrow he is feeding the poor at least one time a day and i think that is great because like he said everyone deserves one good meal a day .