Tuesday, November 9, 2010

American Government 11/9/10

In Class - WHIPS postponed until Friday. In class, watch the documentary, Obama's War dealing with the war in Afghanistan. I am revitalizing this topic for the simple fact that this Thursday is Veterans Day, and we need to be aware of why we should honor those who serve or served our country. While watching the documentary (click on the title to view the video), answer the following questions:
1) According to the video, how are the military efforts going in Afghanistan? What is the objective of the US military?
2) Explain COIN. Does history repeat itself (Vietnam?)?
3) Describe the government/leadership in Afghanistan.
4) Explain the relationship between Pakistan and India. How does this effect the US?
5) In your opinion, what is the plan of action from here in Afghanistan?
6) Why is Veteran's Day significant to our country?

Homework - Keep updating your blog and working on your project (due on Monday, November 15).

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