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American Government 11/8/10

In Class - WHIPS. Show example of project (due one week from today). Class discussion regarding President Obama's recent trip to India and the implications of making India the 6th permanent seat on the UN Security Council.

Homework - Keep working on your project, updating your blog, and the QOW is due on Friday by 11:59 pm.

QOW - Do some research on your own and respond to the following questions. Be sure to include a works cited (MLA format) of all your resources. This is due by Friday, November 12 by 11:59 pm.

Considering what we have talked about in the past regarding public opinion, does the government or media create the political agenda in the United States? Be sure to provide specific reasons and evidence to support your arguments.


government 101 with Eileen said...

I do believe that the media and government have a lot to do with what the politic agenda has. They use advertisement such radio, television bill boards ect. They use anything possible to try to get the people involved. They use persuasion to attract their audience. Journalist write only what they want people to know. The people have control over everything. Government has a lot to do with politics as well. Government agencies and the branches of government have a great part on politics. They provide things such as parents and caregivers: youth resources, H.I.P pocket change.

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Raelena Massie said...

I think the government relies heavily on the media to create political agenda in the US. The media definately makes a huge difference in the US in terms of politics and whatnot because it reaches a wide variety of audiences and a large amount of people can be informed about events. However, the media does take advantage of this with television ads for campaigns and political ads, radio, newspapers, magazines, billboards, etc. It definately affects the nation as a whole. It can definately influence people in certain directions as far as government and politics go.

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Kelly93 said...

I believe that the media has more power than the government, as to the political agenda. The media has a huge impact in politics, because it reaches out to the whole world. There are many ways the media reaches out to the people. For instance, the radio, and the television, and this makes it possible for the whole world to know of what is going on in other places besides their local area. But, i think that the government also has a lot to do with the political agenda, because they can control the media and of what we watch.

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Malverde said...

I think that the media has a bigger part of the political agenda than the goverment. Because the media doesnt care what it put outs it just wants money. And the goverment is more careful of what it puts out in the open because they have to keep a good image. Also the media is everywhere so the goverment has to ask them to put them on.

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amber said...

I believe the media has the main effect on the government and the political agenda. The media seems to stir up all the main topics and later on, the government begins to speak about those specific problems. I don't think any of the political problems would be so dramatic if the media didn't make a huge deal of things. It's just like the celebrity gossip or pictures from the paparazzi. It's all really not as big of a deal until the media makes it seem that way. With government, many are important. But the media just makes it over the top. Government seems to just follow what the media says and that's really a sad thing. The media being almost "in charge" of what happens around the country is not how it should be. The goverment should be the first to tell.

Samantha Hewitt said...

Samantha Hewitt
Period 2
I think that the question of the government or media creating the political agenda in the United States is both a yes and no. This question is very controversial in many ways. The government can work together in creating the political agenda or they can go behind ones back. In A article that I read it’s about the government actually going to war with the media. In the article it said things about the government giving the media information that was confidential and the media exposed it. I think the biggest issue with the media is sometimes or most of the time they twist someone’s words to start drama or to cause ruckus in our crazy world. But on the flip side the media is handy when you need it like when you actually want something to be exposed and known, or when you need propaganda of all kinds. Also something that I read was that when the media hears something they expose it immediately! That’s another one of the reasons they went to war because President Roosevelt as president wanted to share an important piece of information with the country and some journalists exposed it before he could even blink an eye. So yes I think the government and media work hand in hand but no I think the media bends the truth to where there is nothing left to it.

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Josie22 said...

I believe that the Media has ALOT to do with the political media because the media chooses what people watch or hear. But, the government does create a political agenda as well but not as much as the media.

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springerk032 said...

I think that the media and the government have a whole lot to do with the political agenda. They use advertisement such as radio, television, billboards, newspaper, magazines, etc. They use these things and more to spread their political propaganda. An they will use persuasion to get the people to listen to it. Journalists don't always put the truth down an instead they put down only what they want to or only what they are paid to. An the reason the people are so important is because they control the vote. The government also has alot to do with politics. The goverment agencies and the branches of the government have a great part on politics. They are pretty much the cause of all the propaganda an political unrest.

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JuicyD said...

The media and government create the political agenda. The media consists of television, newspapers, magazines, radio, books, recordings, films, and the Internet. All are reliable sources in the eyes of American's. It affects the people's opinion on politics because so many watch t.v and they are persuaded easily. The government has to deal with all the information the media lets out for the people to hear.

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Classy Jazzy said... i do feel the the media plays an important role in politics. the more a person shows up on tv gives them more popularity.

Ana said...

i think that media has alot to go with the goverment have alot to do with poiltic ways.They have alot of advertisement all over the world i mean they do anything they can in there hands for them to get people invovled.people overall have the most power thiugh.The goverment as well has a lot to do with it because with goverment i dont think there would be alot of politics.

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jose24 said...

The media does have an influence in politics and on the people. They do this by giving the people the wrong message or giving the message thats convenient for them like certain corporations that want you to vote for their sponsors. The media affects everything even the news, spice up the news.

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Angie said...

I believe that the media has the stronghold over the government when talking about the political agenda. The media has such a strong pull on the voting citizens that they practically have the power to get whatever they want passed to pass. If you think about it, most of us get all of our information from shows like "The Daily Show" or even just from regular news sources, so who's to say that they aren't creating some sort of bias and telling the news in a way that changes our minds? It only takes a few words for us to think a certain way about someone, and some people rely completely on the information that the media tells them, not bothering on researching to come to their own conclusion. These are the people who are controlled by the media and can be swayed to think however the media wants them to think. Therefore I think that the media completely creates the political agenda and can prove to be either our greatest asset or in the worst case, our greatest enemy.

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Ryan said...

From what we have talked about in the past regarding public opinion I believe the media creates the political agenda in the United States. The media has most of the control with mostly everything they are able to turn thing the way they want, they choose whether to make it seem bad or OK. The government does have a say in the political agenda as well, but the media has the say in making the people look at it in a good way or not. From what i have seen in the media is mainly negative things in everything something may be well but most are in a negative outlook. The media is the one that show the rest of the world what the government is saying. i believe the government says what is needed to be said and the media takes it from there whether it is to publicize it or not.

Lupe vazquez said...

Lupe Vazquez
period 1

I do believe that the media and the government have alot to do woth the politic agenda. Media is just profanity and they just make something little into a big thing. For example, media never tells how something really is they migh add something or just skip some facts. If they are not really informed the'll just add up thei own story. They use certain facts to attract the audience. But not everything that the media does is bad. Media influences how people think about politics. People might question a situation about their govenment, but the audience still has control over everything. It could also presuade youngs to vote. It also guves opinions against and in favor of a proposition, law, and/or candidates.

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glorious said...

I believe that the media has a huge influence on the political agenda of this country.It is the media that decides what exactly is given to the public and in what context. The tabloids for example, in magazines tend to post outrageous statement to catch a readers interest and attention. The television media itself has wars going between themselves to see which network reports the best story, who gets the coverage first and how its expressed to attain more viewers. Everyone watches t.v, reads tabloids and are in some way connected to the media news. the media has a huge impact on politics and the demonstration of governmnt issues.

jocelyn said...

I believe the media can controll the government in the way in witch they can twist there words. They can interview them and say things they never did. The goverment is a big part of the media conterversy.
The media lies about whats going on and that makes problems even bigger. They can be very crusial for example in a article that i read it was talking about how the media was interferring and misunderstanding some information on the Kuomintang party decisions in Asia. I think thats pretty sad that they have to make things up to make there storys look intersting and such. The media can have more power at times in making people believe their storys.

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BrianCaceres6 said...

I think it is the government who creates the political agenda, atleast a bunch of it. They have the power to "Censor" whatever they believe is necessary which leads the political agenda into the way they want it to go. The government creates the media for most part. Media gets away with few things, but government always has control. The media has the ability to use radios. news, billboards, newspapers, but where would they get the information from if the government never shared. So its like a game of bass the ball, one to another. Government to Media to the public.

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Lenice King said...

The media and government are intertwined into a functioning system because they rely on one another. The media is a large form of propaganda that influences it's viewers in many more ways than the known. The government can manipulte media so that their views can be heard on certain stations that contain the interest of their focal groups, and promote their views. The purpose of the media is to inform and persuade when it comes to political announcements and opinions. Which makes it easier to get points across to mainstream America.

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paige said...

I think the media plays a huge role on the American government creating a political agenda. The media has a very large impact in what people think based on their focus points. If it wasn't for the media, people wouldn't have as strong personal thought as they do based off of what they hear. The media reaches out to people in many different ways such as the radio, television, newspapers, magazines, and even on the internet. The media can sway the opinions of people based off what they feed them. If people only hear negative things about something, then they'll be against it. On the other hand, if people only hear good things about something, then they'll support it. Different media channels support different things, so they help to spread their opinions to their followers.

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Andrea said...

The media creates the political agenda. Whatever the media decides is the most "interesting" or will bring them more viewers will always be talked about on the media. The smaller "less interesting" events won't be noticed as much. Of course, the government announces new laws or ideas but the media carries that information out to the public. Whatever is the most controversial will automatically set the political agenda because they'll talk about whatever the people want to listen to. People will start protests and all kinds of arguing that the media will pick up on and cause an uproar where the government then has to take action to neutralize the situation.

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Susy Sunshine said...

The media most definitely can make or break the government.The government officials and all they do needs to be in approval of the media that is going to make sure the people know of what they do and how they, the media, feel about it. When an argument is presented to someone that has never heard of the subject,and that argument is for or against it and not neutral, the person who hears that argument will become succeptible to accept the other's belief. In this case, that other is the media. As the saying says: "He who stands for nothing, can fall for anything." The media not only includes news networks and people who make a living out of sharing these informations, but also social media. Social edia includes all those people who let others know what they feel about the government and want the gov't. themselves to see it too.

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Delmi said...

I think it’s the media that creates the political agenda in the United States. The majority of the people only find out what is going on in the country through television, magazines, newspapers, the radio and the Internet. Television is the most powerful media format because every family owns a television set and everyone watches it. This is how most people find out what is occurring, and in some cases, it is the only way they can find out. If it weren’t for the media we wouldn’t know anything about our country, it would be very hard for us to be involved and know about our country. The media is so powerful they have been called the “fourth branch” of government. The media is very powerful because they are guaranteed freedom of press so they can express practically anything they want without fear. Another thing is that the media decides what will be shared with the public, they don’t have to give us the full picture and they don’t always tell us everything there is to know. They tell us only what will benefit them and what they believe in.

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elninocr7 said...

In my very own opionin I feel that the media has created polictical Agenda because they tend to pick a side with the person or runner that pays off with the most money.the only way our audience chose sides is by the person with the most lies and promise but in the end not even obama could make alot of changes. For examples Meg Whitman she payed slot of million estamet 140million all to lose but she went with truth to win and didn't have the support like Jerry brown. In all truth the media runs and destroy lives,political views and global problems.
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Ali Raza said...

This is a very interesting question. As many people would believe that the media controls the government, i say that it influences the government but has no say what so ever toward what the government does. The government has to run the most powerful country in in the world. therefore, it does not have time to care about people's feelings or emotions. They have to be on point with the things that they do, because if they start to worry about what the media is saying or doing, then they will fail at keeping our country at number one. A writer named Logan Esdale claims that the media influences everything the government does. he says that the media is "God-like". Just like the movies are created for entertainment purposes, the media does the same thing. It adds gossip and drama towards the government. When the government is struggling, the media finds people to blame instead of a fix to the problem. this is because that is the government's job. the government has to work out ways to solve problems with the media breathing down its throat. Most of the times our very strong government is successful. but there are cases, where we come at a stalemate; such as the war in Iraq.

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-Ali Raza.

NYYDUDE said...

I believe that the government creates the political agenda in the US, but the media blows it out of proportion. An example of this would be the sinking of the Lusitania before WWII. The Germans were partly to blame for the sinking, because they fired the torpedo that hit the ship, but the allies were not completely irresponsible, because it was discovered later that there were ammunition inthe cargo hold. But the Us did a good job of making it seem that the Germans wer completely responsible and they were blameless. This was an excuse by the US to join WWII. A rally is a good way to express your opinions about the media, as Jon Stewart has. He has extreme distrust for the media, and believes that it fuels America into believing anything. i do agree with this concept. If you have coverage on something just about everywhere, and so many different methods of getting people to buy it , chances are that they will. This is all that i have to say on the subject.

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