Monday, November 29, 2010

American Government 11/29/10

In Class - Watch the video clips from the CNN Heroes Tribute.  Hopefully this may inspire you to think about issues and actions you can take to help those needing it.  Hand back reflections and grades for the projects.

Homework - Brainstorm some ideas tonight about what issues are important to you.  What would you like to change in this world if given the opportunity?  Keep updating your blog.

Alternative assignment for Board Meetings (due by December 15 - Periods 1 and 2; December 16 - Period 4).

You are to write a 2-3 page paper on a topic relating to education.  It's a broad topic, but utilize your interests about education reform, do some research, and write a solid paper.  You must include a minimum of three sources (MLA format), a title page, 12 point font (Times New Roman font), one inch margins, and a works cited page.  Due dates are above.

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