Sunday, October 17, 2010

Education Nation Scorecard For Schools

From the Education Nation (NBC) website. This website gives the user the ability to analyze data about any school in the United States. The stats may surprise you about La Sierra High School. Check this out.


Jose G. Diaz said...

Here's my teaher Interview- Jose Diaz, period 1, Government

Interview with Mr. Ramaswamy on Sunday October 17 2010.

Jose Díaz: What do you think about having driving education classes perhaps at school?

Ramaswamy: Actually that would not be a bad idea. It’s a great suggestion. Chaps could group up together to learn perhaps in a parking lot … the school’s is too small… but it could be offered as a cheaper alternative by a group of teachers and it would be cost effective too. The more people that there would be doing the class, students in large volumes, could bring in more revenue for a driving education teachers. It would be easier for students to get their license with less of a hassle.

Jose Diaz: What are your opinions on technology being brought in for use at school as an extra resource?

Ramaswamy: It depends… It relies heavily on what classes are going to be using this technology. Obviously In math classes there is only so much you can do with computers. Obviously a PowerPoint would lose students attention and mathematics is best done with paper and pencil. Other classes it might be useful to use more computers and PowerPoint’s such as A.P. Euro but then again it could be used as an excuse to not teach. Some teachers… not giving names… could pop in a video for the whole period and do nothing every day. Technology can help but it can also impede education.

Jose Diaz: How are vacations and school hours in your opinion?

Ramaswamy: Oh… this is a topic I am fascinated about. I believe the school should be longer…at least 8 or 8 ½ hours and summer break maximum 1 ½ months. I’m fond of the British system where school days are longer and breaks are shorter. The U.S. is declining and lacking in education and changes to the amount of time spent could improve student academics. If the schedules were changed topics could be covered more in depth and more material could be taught.

Jose Diaz: Ok, last question; is there anything that bothers you about the education system?

Ramaswamy: I just answered that with these other questions! Hmmm… actually bad teachers need to be easier to fire.

Jose Diaz: Oh we were learning about this!

Ramaswamy: It’s getting ridiculously difficult, take that back, Impossible to get rid of bad teachers and their worsening the students’ intellectual understanding. Beside that teachers should at least have a bachelors degree in the subject they teach because some don’t know how to teach effectively and that all affects the chaps in their classes.

Jose Diaz: Nice way of putting things… Thanks Ramaswamy.

brittneyshantell said...

My internet has been out all weekend, I'm in the process of moving. I know it's late, but I am in the library sending you my groups analysis as well as my teacher interview. Tehehe : )

brittneyshantell said...

After polling the 100 students, we came up with a few different results. For one, we found that most students approve of taking the cahsee in order to graduate. They responded that it was necessary for students to know the basics before going on to college. It was continuosly stated that it was an extremely easy test, so it should stay. Another question we asked, was weather or not two teachers should be in each classroom. This was split 50/50. Some students said that it would help them if they didnt understand, because you would have the explanations from two different people. Others, said that meant double the work. Overall, students approved of the changes we plan to implement. After all, our school is college prep, but it is based on the wants of its future students as well.