Thursday, September 2, 2010

Reflection: Islamic Center Controversy

As I reflect upon this experience, my role in this class is different from conventional classes. As stated in the syllabus, this is a seminar style class that is influenced by the participation of the student. Although participation has been ok to this point, I feel there are many students in my classes that need to step it up. The way I see it, if you don't speak your mind, then you are being selfish by hiding a statement, response, or argument because you lack the self confidence to express your thoughts. I need more student participation from more people. It seems that every day, the same people express their thoughts. Not that this is a bad thing, but I believe the entire class would benefit from more student input. Face it, I can talk for days. I'd rather not. Let's get it started!

If your response to your lack of participation is that you are shy and don't like to speak in front of your peers, then my advice to you: deal with it. I work my butt off to make our class time together an enjoyable experience. I am constantly researching, reading, writing, analyzing, planning, grading, assessing, inspiring (hopefully), educating, and opening your eyes to the issues of our country. You owe it to this country to be an informed citizen. You owe it to yourself to take ownership of your education. I want you to want to learn. You have one senior year, and for some, this is a perfect time to learn something new about the world we live in. This is a perfect time for you to find answers to the questions you have. This is a perfect time to cherish the opportunities available to you in education. This is a perfect time for you to find interest in something. This is a perfect time for you to learn something about yourself as a student and individual. This is a perfect time for you to take action and make a difference in your community. This is a perfect time to set goals for yourself. This is a perfect time to embrace the notion that intelligence is a good thing.

I am excited about the possible potential I see in you guys. I see the research and the comments you post on your blog. I sometimes check out the articles. I want to learn as well. I need some of you to pick it up when it comes to utilizing the blog and meeting the expectations of this class. I expect that you update your blog daily. Starting with our next topic, you will need to post daily research on your blog (annotated works cited). For many of you, all you have done is created the blog. I expect you to use it otherwise I wouldn't have made it part of the class. I don't assign much homework, but I expect you to do some reading and research on your own.

In close, I work hard for you, and I expect the same in return. I know we all have are faults, and I am of no exception, but there is no excuse for not trying. Not interested in the topic? It is your job to find something that does interest you. You owe it to yourself to do your absolute best in everything you do. If at the end of the day you can answer this question with a yes, then it was a quality day: Did you use all of your abilities to their maximum potential to learn something new today? Remember, no regrets. No looking back at your only senior year thinking about what could have been. Take advantage of the opportunities you have. This is your time to take your education into your own hands.

Thanks for reading, I'll be here all week.
Mr. Palo

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Melina'," said...

My opinion over the mosque controversy is that the people should be able to build whatever they want to build especially since it is there money. It is there freedom that they have in the United States. I mean that is why we are called the UNITED STATES. That just means we should accept everyone and anyone that has the right. It might seem like some of their people are based on looks of terrorist but it doesn’t mean that they are all the same. Personally I believe that if we can take Or accept their culture of the so called Hookah then we should be able to accept a mosque and its religion we can take instructions on how to do it and what not to do. Then isn’t it the same with a culture or religion? Shouldn’t they have a chance to express themselves in there mosque influences. We let every other religion? I think that America can’t stand the fact of change and it’s what they fear the most. I believe that it is written that everyone is equal. But I just really want this to come to an end where they end up building it and everyone accepts it or just avoid it if they are not with it. They should be left alone and left to their own business. Also including the paparazzi that are making it even worse than it really is and make the fact that our economy isn’t going anywhere the actual news and say it how it is.
Melina Nava