Thursday, September 30, 2010


Take the following 21 question quiz about how you learn. When you are done with the quiz, it will give you an analysis based on your responses from the questions. To receive the extra credit, post a comment that gives me a brief explanation of your top two learning styles. Does the learning style selected surprise you? Why or why not?

This offer ends at 11:59 on Monday, October 4.


Chris Ashmore said...

Primary Style - Visual. ~ 20%
Next Style - Physical. ~ 17%
Having it choice these two learning styles does not surprise me. I have always known that I learn better when someone shows me how to do something and tells me to practice it after. I think this is a pretty accurate survey ( for me anyway ) .

Jose G. Diaz said...

Social style: 19%
Aural Style: 16%

I am not surprised that the test came to the conclusion that I am a social and auditory learner. I remember most when I hear others tell me and explain to me how things work or should work. I try and listen to everything that is said or I feel like I missed something important.

Patricia ( : said...

My primary learning style is social, at 23 %! Then tied at second is aural & visual at 18 %. Around 26 % of people have the same top 3 as me. I was surprised that 45 % of people are solitary learners. I hate working alone. (Obviouslyy.) I was sort of suprised that my primary style wasn't visual, since I'm always drawing and I like pictures to go with my books... But it seems about right since I like to work in groups, and I usually get stuff done.

ShawnGintz said...

Primary style Aural

Aural- 19%
Solitary- 16%
Verbal- 16%
Physical- 13%
Social- 13%
Visual- 13%
Logical- 10%

I agree that my top two learning styles listening and working by my self. I hate when there are many people in a room and constantly talking and I can not hear the teacher. I like to be told how to do things, I also like having music playing while I am alone.

BrianCaceres6 said...

Primary Style - Visual. ~ 22%
Next Style - Aural Style: 17%

It does not surprise me, I have notice that doing homework while listening to music gives me more of a rhythm following the patterns. And it doesn't make it seem so boring. Visuals just stick in my head for a long period of time and it makes thinks easier to understand or look at.

Delmi said...
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Delmi said...

Primary style: Visual-19%
Secondary style: A tie between social & verbal-16%
I'm not too surprised with my results. I do agree that I'm a visual learner because graphs &/or pictures help me a lot when I don't understand something, but I am not sure that that is my primary learning style. I'm not sure about being a social learner though because even though it is helpful and at times makes it easier to express what I am thinking there are times when working in groups makes me get less work done than if I would've worked alone. I was surprised though that verbal wasn't my primary learning style. I think that hearing someone that knows the subject explain it is essential. Honestly a lot of the times if I don't pay attention to what the teacher is saying even though I take notes I don't understand everything.

sammyflo said...

22% aural
22% social
17% solitary
13% physical
13% visual
9% logical
4% verbal

I very much agree with the results. I'm a more hands on and group work kind of learner. Sometimes I work better alone but most times I would prefer to work with a partner. If someone just tells me information and that's it i will most likely forget it within the next day or 2. I need some kind of visual aid so i will remember what I'm learning.

jose24 said...

Aural style 16%
Physical Style 16%

Im aperson that likes to work with music and especialy when doing physical work. I think that when i listen to music i focus better on what im doing especially when im doing homework.

Jizzyman17 said...

Solitary 21%
Logical 17%
I'm very far from surprised that these were the one's choosen for me.I dont know exactly what Solitary is but,im very aware of what Logical is,and im very Logical when it comes to everything and im always on my P's and Q's when it comes to everything so i can understand the Logical part alot.

amber said...

Solitary/Verbal 19%
Social/Visual 16%

Im surprised and not surprised at the same time. It may seem unusual but I do like to argue which may be why verbal is oneno my top and I do enjoy to learn on my own. I kind of knew my social and visual would be up there also. I enjoy talking to someone one on one and knowing what their opinions are.
Also just to add, I cant believe i am watching The Colbert Report at home. Thanks Palo.

Lenice King said...

My learning strengths were Aural and Solitary, I must say that I agree with these styles because I do a lot of my work alone and whole listening to music because I work best when multiple things are going on around me. I enjoy being solitary because I can just be with my own thoughts, and not have to deal with others.

Jorge Cortez said...

Primary style- Aural 19%
Secondary style-(4 way tie) Social 16%, Solitary 16%, Verbal 16%

This just further shows to me that I am rather strange. As I can do well studing on my own but likewise do just as well with others. I agree with the Aural part because I'noticed that i do prefer to turn on my MP3 player when I do my homework and I usualy work to the pace of the song I'm listening to, good thing most of my songs are rather fast paced.

Carely M. said...

Primary Style:Physical,social,and visual(19%)
Next Style:Logical(15%)

I am not surprised with my three tied primary styles of learning, because I know that I am better at learning these ways. I am physical,I like to learn new sports.I do like to be social, but at times I'm quiet.I like to see graphs and pictures, to help me memorize.I am not also surprised that my next style would have to be logical, because I like to use facts and data that are tested,and prove that it could be right.I believe that this quiz is pretty accurate.

Mariabelen said...

Aural 18%
physical 18%
logical 15%
solitary 15%
social 12%
visual 12%
verbal 9%

My top 2 learning ways are aural and physical. I agree with the physical way because I'm always moving around anyways and with an activity it sticks in my brain better. Unfortunately I'm not to sure about the aural one because I have always been more of a visual learner than just hearing it over and over.

adrian paz said...

social style- 19%
Visual style- 16%

I'm not surprised I got social as my highest because I am always trying to be social and try to talk to everyone! I try to make my own opinion in everything! And I feel like if my opinion should be heard like everyone else's should! And again I'm not surprised it chose visual as my second highest because I am an artist! I always try to draw something out so I can remember and build off of my art because I'm not that great with words! My art helps me visualize more and Its a great way of memorizeing things for me.

Drea said...

wlli think that thetest results are pretty acurate. my top one was "solitary" i feel as if im pretty independent and do my own thing. i feel as if im alway right but i know im not, at times i do try to do some tasks that may not be done only by one person but like i said i try to do it anyway. the second one was "aural" im guessing is in the friendly and younique catagorie. thats me as well so the test results are about correct.

Veronica A. said...

Solitary Style- 24%
Verbal Style- 24%
I am not surprised when my results said that I was a verbal person. The reason is because I honestly am a verbal person when comes for me to meeting someone or talking to someone I wanna know or know. I get well along with the people im surrounded by. Solitary for me it is surprsing because I do like working in groups to help others in get there point of view. Sometimes I do rather work alone and be alone because I dont like to be involve with situactions I dont like to be in. For example, when I know im in a group working together and I know im doing the hard work I rahter be alone. I think this quiz/test was good for me because I found out one style I did not know.

jessie said...

My first primary style was aural then the next one was social.This does not surprise me because i am very talkative and i do not like being alone. i would rather work as a group or with people then alone.

Jonathan__B said...

I agree with the visual part because I've always been able to learn better by seeing something and then doing it rather than just being told how to do something. The social part I could go both ways with because I like being around my friends but sometimes I also prefer to be alone.

casketcapsul said...

hey mr. p
did you do the flash drive? if you need help let me know. its pretty simple though.
well to the extra credit...
my primary style of lerning was Social with 17%
everything else was 14% except for vocabulary which was 11%
this doesnt suprise me because i am trying to be as well rounded as i possibly can be. i am truly trying to open up to new oppertunities, new logic, new ways of thinking and problem solving. i just so happen to be great at expressing my thoughts and feelings and really suck at vocabulary haha

jorge mendez said...

my primary style is SOLITARY. then my second style is aural. i knew that these were right because i like to work alne most of the time. and also because im not a very social person with people i dont really know.

Eugene Pantea said...

My top two were physical, and solitary I am not surprised of the scores I have got because they just make, and help me better understand why I learn the way I do. I am a physical Lerner because I learn when I do things with my own hands, and eyes, and I am a solitary learner because I learn better on my own in a quiet environment.

Alberto H. said...

16% Logical, Physical, social.
I am not really surprised about my results. For logical I am always trying to help people solve there delegates and when I am dealing with business/life I am always trying to help improve the way something is done. For physical I am the kind of person who can learn quicker with demos, pictures, games etc. And lastly I am Social because I tend to be very good when it comes to networking.

Reuben Vilchis said...

25% visual
21% aural
17% physical
17% social
13% solitary
8% verbal
0% logical

My top 2 learing styles were Visual and Aural. I was not surprised because i already knew that i was very good at visually learning things and soaking up information really easy when its presented in an auditory way and that i like to listen to music when i am studying.

Melina'," said...

Aural Primary Style
17% for physical
17% for social
17% for visual
Iam not suprised from my survey that im a much more of a learning threw visuals and listening.Im more equal in all of my other styles.I believe it was a accurate survey.

Ali Raza said...

Primary Style: Social - 23%
Secondary Style: Physical - 18%

The learning styles that i received on this test were not as really as surprising to me as i thought they would be. I enjoy being social, and also being a part of social activities, such as participating in groups. Therefore it wasn't that much of an eye opener. My secondary style was physical. Now that i think of it, when people show me things, such as actions during football practice, they tend to make more sense. This was a very interesting test.

Angie said...

Primary: aural-> 30%
Secondary: Visual-> 20%

So Aural means that I learn things better when it's put to music and I tend to concentrate better when music's on (odd but true). Visual means that I understand things better when there are graphics to go along with it and that I remember pictures pretty well.

I can't say I'm really surprised with my results but I am a bit shocked that aural was over visual, because I'd always thought it was the other way around. They both make sense because I feel like there's always music in my head or playing on my ipod, and without it, it just feels weird. I also don't like being in really quiet places, which may sound odd because I'm pretty quiet, but I just don't like it when everyone else is. (hypocrite? maybe.) Also I do understand things better with pictures. I think it just make everything easier to understand and less boring. So I'd say this quiz was accurate.

Andrea said...

Physical: 19%
Visual: 19%
Aural: 16%

I had a feeling these were gonna be it. I get bored easily of the usual lectures and notes teachers give. I like to do simulations and see pictures and videos of what we're learning. And I'm always listening to music all day long.

Lupe vazquez said...

My top two learning styles are:
Aural 22%
Social 19%
This results dont really surprise me because I do learn better by lisening. I doesnt surprise me about the social part eathier, because i think its better to work in groups so we can help each other but i also prefer working by my self if i dont feel confident in the group im in. Other than this I think this quiz its pretty accurate
evemthoug i think im missing something else to substitude the social part for my second place.

government 101 with Eileen said...

Primary style 21% solitary
second style 17 % visual
I totally agree with my results. I love to work alone because i don't like to depend on other people. I have had bad experiences were i have to do all the work by myself. Don't get me wrong i love to be social but depending on people is not really my thing. My second was visual and that's so true.I have to see an example or picture to really understand.

Susy Sunshine said...


I'm somewhat surprise I got aural because a lot of the time I have hard times paying attention in my classes or being able to listen and stay focused, but I can kind of also see that when I get a good explination said to me I work somuch better. For the physical I completely agree, if I get hands on activities in class everything makes so much more senseto me.

Juan(Chubaka)Salceda said...

17% Social
20% Solitary
13% Aural
13% Logical
13& Verbal
13% Visual
10% Physical
this list sounds right to me.i should work on my physical more that needs to be in the top three. I like that my social is 17% but also need to move up my Aural.

Ryan said...

19%- aural
16%- Physical

I agree somewhat with what this survey concluded i am a excellent listener but sometimes i choose just not to listen. I believe i am more of a visual and physical learner more than a aural learner but listening is one of my strengths.

Kyle Springer said...

Primary Styles - Logical ~ 18%
- Physical ~ 18%
- Verbal ~ 18%
Secondary Styles - Solitary ~ 14%
- Visual ~ 14%
- Social ~ 11%
- Aural ~ 7%
Didn't know I had three primary styles. Although I did realize that I did learn better logically an physically. But I think there's room for improvement.