Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Are Schools Embracing Technology Enough?

Discusses the role of technology in education.


Levi.M said...

I think schools should embrace & use technology more often, beacause its more advanced and popular in society. Everyone has an ipod, or iphone, or any kind of mobile device, that can help them access the internet. & connect w/thier teachers inside and out of school. emails,facebook etc, play an utlimate role as well majority of people have an facebook or an email, so its always a way to keep updated w/your teacher & grades.

david rondilone said...

i think they should put more technology but then again i dont. Becouse some people dont really go on computers much like me and its hard to use. If they do embrace technology i guess it would be good becoause then people will learn more about computers. Its also easier to do ur projects. I think school would be easier with out them for some people if they do embrace it students should have a choice if they want to use them or not.