Thursday, September 30, 2010

American Government 9/30/10

In Class - WHIP presentations. Continue to discuss education reform and various other topics.

Homework - Continue to update your blog. QOW posting due by Friday at 11:59 pm.


Jizzyman17 said...

Education Reform in america is simply not getting anywhere, i believe that in order to make education better you have to make it comfortable for yourself and it has to be comfortable to that student.I dont think education is getting anywhere first off because america is broke and does'nt have enough money to buy books or take care of the school and education anymore.I think the teacher's are doing a descent job when it comes to doing their job and making sure that the kids get a great education and a comfortable one at that.The teachers are doing what they do,and i believe most are doing it for the love of the student and others are mainly doing it because they know they get paid too do soo.

Jorge Cortez said...

Sometimes I wonder if there was any reform happening at all because as I look around not much has changed. I’ve lived here for roughly six years, I moved here from Iowa and over there I had yet to learn anything resembling algebra. My first day of school in Alvord what did I encounter? Algebra. One big thing I think should happen is that some of our standards for educations sould be standardized. The legal part aside we could elevate our standard of education to challenge students to reach higher. I myself know that I can do much better that I do now I’m also aware that personally I lack discipline at times. For America’s students to do better both the education system as well as the study habits of students. Because many American students take the opportunity they are so graciously given for a free education for granted were as in many other countries most high school students need to pay or take an entrance exam or even both.

jorge mendez said...

who is more important in education? students, teachers or parents?

In my opinion students are the most important because if they dont want to learn something there is nothing anyone can do to make them learn it. this is because sometimes we as students are learning things that have nothing to do with what we want to become in life.for example i wish that i wouldnt have to take so many math classes because im not going to be a math teacher so why should i learn it. and although people say that no matter what you need math for everything they also have to realize that we as students are never going to use math like trig and pre-calc in real life ever. so instead of learning things like this i think we should be taking classes that we are interested in and that way we would put more effort into it.
secondly i think that parents are next important part because they are the ones that teach us as kids morals. And if they do a bad job then how do they expect their kids to do any better.and finally i think teachers are the last but not least. this is becsue its their job to teach students but as i said before not all teachers do a very good job and later on they are blaming the sudents for not trying when in reality it was their incompetence because they didnt have the utilities to teach these kids correctly. but at last we need all three so that we as students can do better in life.