Tuesday, September 21, 2010

American Government 9/21/10

In Class - WHIP Presentation. Work Day: Start preparing for tomorrow's class discussion. After tomorrow's discussion, you are to turn in a list of your talking points, arguments, counter-arguments, and other viable information for the discussion.

Homework - Talking points (due tomorrow at the end of the discussion). Prepare!!!

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brittneyshantell said...

Well, I will say, this debate was extremely different. I had NO clear side, even after I argued my side? It's just too much of an emotional issue for me to choose one side. I can see both sides. On one hand, I feel for the families of people in Mexico, coming to America in hopes of finding something more for themselves and their families. I also, see the problem that our lack of space and funds causes as the number of immigrants in our country grows. I still, have no real opinion on this subject. I could argue both sides, with the same amount of difficulty either way. I am looking forward to our next topic. Hopefully that one will give me more of a precise argument to go off of. Something a little less personal. We still need to step up our game as far as participation goes. I'm sure there a lot of great opinions out there, they just need to be spoken. So, I guess we'll fight for the title next round.