Friday, September 17, 2010

American Government 9/16/10

In Class - 1st Period: Group Work - Political Cartoons: Analyze PC's and answer the following questions: 1) Who/What do you recognize (people, symbols, groups)? 2) What is the cartoonist's message? 3) Do you agree? Why or why not? 4) What is the political message? 5) Using the information from questions 1-4, write a brief explanation of the PC. Discuss blog postings (QOW). If you have not created a blog as of yet, then you need to do this before tomorrow.

Homework - Double Entry Web Journal: SB 1070 due tomorrow. QOW due by 11:59 on Friday.

2nd and 4th Periods - WHIP presentation. Short video clip. Continue to discuss SB 1070 and the documentary "The Moral Case Against SB 1070." Hand out Political Cartoons (hang onto this for tomorrow).

Homework - Immigration Reform Opinons (due on Monday). QOW due by 11:59 on Friday.

NOTE - 2nd Board of Education meeting tonight @ 7 pm.

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