Monday, August 30, 2010

American Government 8/30/10

In Class - HWIP presentation. Discuss this week: be sure to continue to update your blog concerning articles/sources over the mosque controversy in NYC. I will be checking these on Wednesday for completion grades. In groups or by yourself, start writing some talking points for tomorrow's class discussion. Remember, this cannot be made up if you are absent unless you get in contact with me via email prior to the discussion date. Be sure to utilize the library's online databases (see the handout passed out with the syllabus for accessing at home).

Homework - Begin preparing for tomorrow's discussion. See the syllabus as to what I expect for this discussion. Participation is mandatory to receive any points. By 11:59 on Tuesday evening, you are to write a reflection on your blog covering the class discussion. What was talked about? What arguments were proposed? What interested you? How do you think it went? What did you learn? Anything else to add to this. You are to post this on your blog after your sources. Take your time when you do this; I will treat this as this week's QOW. Come prepared and ready to amaze me and the rest of your classmates.

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