Friday, August 27, 2010

American Government 8/27/10

In Class - HWIP (postpone until Monday). Five minutes to finish up any last minute details of your group paper. Present in class your arguments. Discuss as a class. Turn in Double Journal Entry.

Homework - QOW due by 11:59 tonight. Also, be sure to update your blog with resources and research concerning our current topic of discussion. I will be checking this on Tuesday evening. Start preparing for our class discussion for next Tuesday.


amber said...

It doesn't show you as following me, are you supposed to be there?

kassandra martinez said...

kassandra martinez
pd. 4th

The 1st amenent refer to have freedom of religion then why dont we let them build the church.I also think that everyone should practice their religion. The people of the world i think has a problem with the people that are building it not the church and that its close to ground zero. Whatever they do somebody going to get mad. I also think its too early and people are still sad about September 11th 2001. Even though it was a long time ago you cant heal the pain people went through and felt. The people are making a big deal because there is a church already 4 block from where they want to build this one. I think they need to make a choice before it gets worse. There is people getting hurt of this and also getting killed. This need to come to a end.I think should let them build it and let freedom of religion actully happpen.

Daniel said...

honestly, i really dont get how to do this thing

NYYDUDE said...

I feel that the mosque should be built for several reasons. the first is the 1st amendment. Most immigrants come to the US for the very reason of religious freedom, so why should they be denied? I feel as if they are being treated unfairly just because of one bad mark some of their followers had on the US. it is like the saying "one bad apple spoils the whole bunch". There is no evidence that all muslums are like the 9/11 terrorists. I think that people should just move on from that date of infamy. The bad thing about it is that there will be discrimination no matter what happens. It is like the muslims can never restore their legacy. Everybody against it should just let the 9/11 attacks go.