Wednesday, August 25, 2010

American Government 8/25/10

In Class - Continue to discuss the controversy concerning the Islamic Community Center proposal in NYC. Short video clips. Hand out "Two Sided Journal Entry." Do some research online and complete the chart for Friday. Be sure to include the URL address and a citation (MLA format) on the handout.

Homework - Continue to blog and update your site with research (annotated works cited). Handout due on Friday. QOW #1 due on Friday by 11:59 pm.


KevinB said...

Mr.Palo I'm confused on where I'm supposed to post my answer for the question for the homework.

brittneyshantell said...

Dangit ! I just wrote you the best and longest response to the QOW, and after I posted it, it said Comment too large, may take a while. Does that mean it isnt going to get sent to you? I tried to go back, but it wasnt there anymore! Is that normal or am I going to have to redo it ?? :(

desparza said...

hello mr palo im daniel esparza and i have no ideo on where to post the response for the QOW and my url is http//