Monday, May 17, 2010

American Government 5/17/10

In Class - Final project due today by 3:00 pm.
Presentation Order (2nd Period)
Tuesday, May 18
1) Global Terrorism
2) Sexual Slavery
3) Homelessness
Wednesday, May 19
1) Bullying
2) Censorship
3) Illegal Immigration
Thursday, May 20
1) Gay Marriage
2) Education Reform

4th Period
Tuesday, May 18
1) Homelessness/Poverty
2) Terrorism in America
Wednesday, May 19
1) Gay Marriage
2) Capital Punishment
Thursday, May 20
1) War in Iraq
2) Childhood Obesity

On the day of your presentation, you may want to dress up. Also, be sure that you are prepared to present your portion of the material. Practice, practice, practice!!! Practicing beforehand will increase self-confidence. Finally, be prepared to answer questions from me!

Homework - Prepare for presentations. Extra Credit (see last week's posting) due by Wednesday.

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