Friday, April 9, 2010

American Government 4/9/10

In Class - Finish the movie "Stand and Deliver." For Monday, come prepared to discuss some of the following political issues (see articles and videos below).

Homework - QOW posting due by 11:59 tonight.

NOTE - You want that extra credit that I gave to you because I didn't have an updated grade for you? Then you need to come prepared on Monday. Take a look at these articles/videos and earn that extra credit !

Articles/Videos to check out: (click on videos and search for the following titles)
"Divided over Confederate history"
"Why include slavery in proclomation"
"Marine captures what journalists don't"


Anonymous said...

I thought we were getting extra credit beacuse you did not update the Grades, but...NOW WE HAVE TO EARN IT, and not get updated grades too...

chickenkoongoose said...

Ukpono Udi
Gov. P.2
Jaime Escalante
Jaime Escalante who is famous for teaching and coaching up 18 students in an SES class to pass the AP Exam has died on April 2, 2010. Though he was famous for this event he didn’t just stop there he wanted to turn Garfield High School around. He began in 1978 with these students, and was supposed to be a computer teacher. To these students benefit he ended up being a math teacher. He tackled problems that have been an untouched issue for a very long time. Like "soft bigotry of low expectations," in poverty stricken neighborhood of East Los Angeles (Stand and Deliver, 1988). His work in that school has caused great advancement for those students greatly in need. From all of Escalante’s teaching s by 1991, 600 Garfield students were taking advanced placement exams. He inspired not just in math, but in other subjects, which was unheard of at the time (Sanchez, 2010). His perseverance and dedication to his students, school, and the community has caused great upgrade to the community and city of Los Angeles. He has been a great role model to all other teachers on how far they can go and what their limits are. The answer to that is the sky because Jaime Escalante didn’t stop till he reached success with his students and neither should other teachers.

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