Friday, October 23, 2009

World History 10/23/09

In Class - Chapter 3 Test (French Revolution). If you have completed the review sheet (extra credit towards your test score), then be sure to staple this to the back of your answer sheet. Notebooks due today by 3:00 pm. If it is late, I will still accept it on Monday, but I will deduct two letter grades. Handout review sheet for Midterm Exam. This Midterm will be on Monday covering Chapters 1-3. The review sheet does not need to be completed, but if you know all the terms, people, events on this sheet, this exam (similar to a benchmark but for a grade) should be no problem for you.

NOTE - The class with the highest average score on the Midterm will receive a reward on Friday, October 30.

Homework - Study for Midterm Exam (Chapters 1-3) for Monday.

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