Monday, September 21, 2009

World History 9/21/09

In Class - Continue watching "Amazing Grace." ICW - What are some of the arguments proposed in the House of Commons that are against the abolition of the slave trade? List and explain two arguments. Hand out homework (Chapter 2, Section 3 Quiz/Primary Source/Standard Check Questions); due Wednesday.

Homework - ICW response due tomorrow at the beginning of class. Chapter 2, Section 3 handout due on Wednesday.

NOTE - Test over Chapter 2 on Friday. This is the last grade before the 6-Week grading period ends!

EXTRA CREDIT OPPORTUNITY - Do some research online about modern day slavery or "human trafficking" as it is known today. Find three articles, print them out, summarize each article (6-8 sentences with proper MLA citation), and then write a one page reaction regarding this issue. This assignment is due by Monday, September 28 by 2:40 PM. This assignment is worth up to 60 points, but only quality work will be considered to receive full credit. Any questions, feel free to come by and see me. Don't have a computer or printer at home? I am available for tutoring Monday-Wednesday and Friday mornings starting at 6:15.

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Shorty said...

That is a lot of writing but I except your assignment. In other words I will do the extra credit assignment.