Sunday, September 13, 2009

World History 9/11/09

In Class - ICW (In Class Writing): Remembering September 11. Brief discussion, turn in writing assignment. Preview Chapter 2, Section 1: The Enlightenment. Short Video: The Enlightenment. Take a few notes: we will add to these on Monday.

Homework - Handout: Chapter 2, Section 1 Quiz and Primary Source (Two Views on Education). On the back, read the material on the left and answer the five questions based on the reading. Due Monday at the beginning of class.

NOTE - If you are interested in re-taking the Chapter 1 Test, it will be Monday morning before school beginning at 6:15 AM. Space is limited. If you cannot attend in the morning, I will be available after school on Monday only for this retake. In order for you to re-take the test, you must complete on page 50, #1-17. This is your ticket in the door. Will you get credit for doing this assignment? The answer is yes, you will have an opportunity to re-take your test.

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