Sunday, May 10, 2009

World History 5/8

In Class - Continue with video 13 Days. Copy questions from the board and answer as the video progresses.

Homework - None

EXTRA CREDIT OPPORTUNITY - You and your group (up to 4 other people) will recreate the "Duck and Cover" video from 1951. Each of the group members must appear on camera in order to receive the extra credit. You must have a narrator (similar to the video we saw) explaining the events as you and your group act them out. Remember to stay true to the message of preparing in case of a nuclear attack. Overall, the video must be at least 4 minutes in length. Be creative, have fun, but most importantly, remember to stay true to the historical era. This project is due no later than Friday, May 22. To receive the points, you will share your video with the rest of the class by the due date.

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