Tuesday, May 5, 2009

American Government 5/1

In Class - Work on political cartoon project (due on Monday). Project must include a works cited page (author/cartoonist, where you found it, and the date it was published - remember nothing before January 1, 2009). If you are complete with this, work on your presentation. Your presentation will be short (2-3 minutes) but must be prepared. Ideas to focus on in your presentation - What did you learn? What cartoons did you find interesting? How did you select your cartoons? What did you notice about how certain political figures or events are depicted? What were the cartoons easiest to find (based on topic?)? Why? Did you have difficulty figuring out what the cartoons were trying to represent or say? Finally, if you are done with your project and presentation, work on the five survey questions. If you are done with those, read a TIME magazine and educate yourself.

Homework - Political Cartoon Project, works cited, and presentation due on Monday.

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