Monday, April 27, 2009

American Government 4/24

In Class - Class discussion on terrorism and US government role in torture methods. Participation is mandatory for points. No participation=no points. Hang onto your write-ups and thesis. You will turn these in on Monday as we will continue this discussion.

Homework - Political Cartoon Project due Friday, May 1.

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ms.sparks said...

hey mr.palo
its liz merlan i sended you ann email but i havent heard from you i wrote you to tell you the reason why i missed school on thursday friday and monday the reason why was because my husbands uncle died and i went to your classroom to turn in my articles but you werent there because i left during lunch on thursday but you weren't there and i wrote to tell you if i can make up the class discussion but if i can't i understand thanks i will be in class tomorrow bye mr.palo!