Friday, March 6, 2009

American Government 3/6

In Class - Class Discussion: Race relations in the United States. Things to turn in today: Library Research Sheet (from Wednesday), Double Entry Journal, 2 Articles with summaries on the issue of race relations in the US, 4 Talking Points written in paragraph form.

Homework - Question of the Week due by 11:59 tonight!

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davidz said...

In some ways i could see why people think the issue of race played a role in the governments slow reaction to the hurricane in New Orleans. After I read an read the article you gave us I understood that it really didn't have any role in the disaster. A big minority of people who died in the hurricane were actually white or Caucasian. Even though the southern area is majority black or something else than white, if Bush knew who was really down there he would've acted immediately and sent troops down there as soon as the hurricane was over. As Kayne West said, " George Bush Doesn't care about black people." He might have been right, but then again he might have been wrong. Before the government could actually move in and establish the plan they had to be careful about how much money they're willing to spend. I know America has money, but before this disaster we already in billions of dollars in debt and spending millions more wouldn't make things better for every other American in the U.S. Look at us now, we're in trillions of dollars in debt and we don't have the money to pay it back. Just imagine if we spent those millions of dollars on hurricane Katrina. I mean there were plenty of other organizations who donated money to the disaster and I think them for that, because if they didn't do that who knows how bad it really would have been out there.