Wednesday, March 11, 2009

American Government 3/11

In Class - 3rd Period - Meet in the library to research for the Civil Rights Children's Book (due March 19). 4th Period - Bring your materials to class to begin working on this project for today, tomorrow, and Friday.

Homework - Question of the week due by Friday.

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Rocio said...

hello one thing thatis happening in the world or at least in our state is that alot of teachers are getting what they call "pink slips".this breaks my heart to ahve to find out that in my last year of being a seior i wont only hae to say goodbye to my beloved friends and collegues but also to some of my very close teachers that i had in tha past that really made a change in my life like ms.holliness and not to mention they want to cut the asl program all together. also mr.baker who was the only teacher that passed me in all my english years. yeah might sound funny but very true!!...also mr.pike who is a very awesome teacher that fed me during all my years in high hansen who is very cool and mr.henry who failed me but... but he was cool!!!...this is something that really will take a toll on me serious dont worry mr. palo you are an awesome teacher too but thank god u didnt get one. yes i understand maybe these teachers will be back next year but just the thought you know ...... well yeah that is somoething i care about!!!