Tuesday, January 6, 2009

American Government 1/6

In Class - Informative Speech -

Each one of you will write a 2-3 minute short informative speech about the situation in Darfur. We will start presenting these in small groups to outside classes next week. The informative speech must be at least a page in length. Focus on addressing the key points and important information about Darfur. Use statistics, pictures, or even testimonials to get your points across. You are informing these classes and raising awareness about this issue.

Homework - Start researching and bring your research to class to work on this.

Websites to take a look at:
http://darfur.3cdn.net/46c257b8e3959746d5_ttm6bnau2.pdf -great resource paper!
http://www.sudanreeves.org/ - wide range of articles to take a look at

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