Wednesday, December 3, 2008

American Government 12/3

In Class - Discuss (Attempt #1) "Darfur Now"

Homework - Everyone must come prepared for a class discussion on this ongoing situation in Sudan. What can our government do? What can we do, if anything? Come prepared to share your thoughts.

Articles to take a look at: - Assembly Bill 2941 - Acutal California Assembly Bill 2941 - List of nationwide advocacy groups - Interesting set of articles pertaining to different viewpoints of how the US can help solve this problem.


Megan298 said...

hey palo chck this out

luzy said...

hi mr. palo, it's luz orozco.

Megan298 said...

hey mr.Palo heres something i thought you might find interesting, you have to view it at home though cuz its off of myspace. stupid school security.

Megan298 said...

i think we should go out during 1st lunch and do a red handprint banner and send it to the office in D.C.
hmmmmmm.....extra credit for megan!!