Tuesday, November 25, 2008

World History 11/24-11/28

Over the Break - Chapter 5/6 Packet with Primary Sources - due Tuesday, December 2
Chapter 5/6 Take Home Test - due Wednesday, December 3

EXTRA CREDIT OPPORTUNITY: Watch one of the following documentaries: Upon finishing the documentary, you are to write a page reaction to the documentary including doing some follow up research about something that you learned from the documentary. Find a minimum of three articles from the internet or other sources. Read the articles, and write a five paragraph essay based on the research. Be sure to include an introduction, a thesis statement, three body paragraphs, and a conclusion. Also, you must include a works cited (bibliography) of your sources. This assignment is due on Friday, December 5. Depending on the quality of the work, you could receive up to 100 points of Extra Credit.

http://www.moviesfoundonline.com/iraq_for_sale.php - Private Contractors in Iraq; Discusses the business of war in Iraq paid for by the United States government.

NOTE - This documentary contains some graphic scenes. Viewer discretion is advised.
http://www.moviesfoundonline.com/invisible_children.php - Child Soldiers in Africa; Children fleeing from Sudan to escape the LRA (Lords Rebel Army). Gruesome story told by three novice documentarians.

http://www.moviesfoundonline.com/true_story_of_black_hawk_down.php - Black Hawk Down; Ties in with the Somalian pirates that we have talked about in class. Good history of this country and its relationship with the United States.

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