Wednesday, November 12, 2008

World History 11/12

In Class - Turn in Homework (article summary from blog)
Video - Napoleon and the French Revolution (Cornell Notes)

Homework - Study for test on Friday

NOTE - Test Review Thursday and Friday before school (extra credit)


lauraaababy said...

hi mr. palo
its me laura :)
im b0red
i just g0t d0ne d0ing the summaries thingies
aren't y0u pr0ud haha
well guess what
im g0ing t0 tut0ring t0m0rr0w
lucky y0u haha
0h 0h wanna hear a j0ke?
why cant y0u tell a j0ke while ice skating?
-->because the ice will CRACK up!
l0l thats a g00d 0ne huh
yeah can y0u tell i have n0 life right n0w hahaa
0h y0u were being very mean t0 me t0day man
i was like huh?
jk every0ne d0es that t0 me
cuz im very ''ditzy'' whatever that means
my 3rd per. teacher t0ld me that
and that im gulable<---h0wever y0u spell that
well imma leave n0w cuz i d0nt kn0w what t0 write
s0000ooooo see y0u t0m0rr0w
tell y0ur wife and d0ggy i said heyyyyyy<3.

T-Lark Aka- MayorMcCheese aka Toran said...

Hai :D whats up Mr.P i am sick today so i thought i would stop by and see what i missed... ill probly be sick thursday too just a little fyi (for your information)
Laura's joke sucked i have a beter
what do you call a Seagull that flys over the bay?
a BAY-Gull!
you know like a bagel like the ones you eat lol
ima go take a shower now later ^_^

MjH(: said...

hi mr.palo,
its maria well i think your super kool & like ive said before ur my favorite teacher.
butt honestly somethings bugging me
if u think my picture is "inappropriate" then please tell ME ABOUT IT & not to ur other students.
that little remark that one of ur students made after u said that

expecial comming from someone that has a problem with me for NO REASON.
she pushed me in ur class b4 & i didnt even say anything to you.
im sorry & i changed the picture
(i honestly dont find it innapropriate at all but its ur blog thingyy so whatever)

thats all.
well i have to go studdddyyyyyyy

sorry about this but it was bugging me so i had to tell you.