Thursday, November 13, 2008

American Government 11/13

In Class - Mental Health Day

Homework - Check this blog for a discussion tomorrow on current events.

Check out these articles:,8599,1858701,00.html,8599,1858702,00.html

This is cool. World View of Obama's victory.,29307,1856660_1793507,00.html

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lauraaababyy said...

hEll0 mr. PALO :)
whats up duuuuude
haha class was FUNny t0day
we sh0uld d0 that m0re 0ften
well wanna hear ab0ut my day?
well first i w0ke up and had t0 get ready f0r y0ur tut0ring
i didnt have time t0 d0 my eyelashes thats why i had t0 d0 them at sk00l
anyways i g0t t0 sk00l and it was uuuuu c0ld!
but yeah then i g0t t0 y0ur class g0t my study 0n
then it was 0ver
then i went t0 d0 my eyelashes
i sent j0el and estaban t0 v0ns s0 they can bring me chips and a drink
f0r the earthquake drill :)
then at the earthquake drill i ate and ate AND played speed <3.
i l0st 3 times and w0n 2 :)
im getting better
well then lunch came al0ng and i ate s0me m0re
then blah blah blah 6th per. came
and i was s0 happy cuz we didnt have t0 dress 0ut
then sk00l was 0ver and n0w im 0n the c0mputer
this thing is looooooong and y0u BETTER read the wh0le thing hahaa
well i g0t AN0THER j0ke f0r y0u!
why did SP0NGE B0B put his T0YS in the freezer?
----->cuz he wanted t0 PLAY C00L!
l0l thats hilari0us huh!
it cracks me up t00
well anyyywaaaays.
h0w are y0u and y0ur wifeyyy f0r lifeyyy?
y0u guys seem like a h0tt y0ung c0uple
i bet y0u guys are always smiling
like this----> :)
awwww cute cute
so y0ur d0gg'
n0 m0re cancer! yaaaaaaay<3.
0h guess what!
pizzaaaaaa hutt!
hahha that was lame
ugh i d0nt kn0w what t0 write this is a b0ring c0mment
0h well sucks t0 be y0u
jussst kidding
see y0u t0m0rr0w
0h and i MIGHT n0t g0 t0 tut0ring cuz my m0ms still being a y0u kn0w what
0kkkkkk byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee<3.